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A Guide to Using Homework AI Bots for Better Grades

Learn effective strategies and discover key features of AI chatbots for efficient, impactful, and accurate answers and explanations.

AI homework bots are a great way to get accurate answers and explanations to challenging homework questions without spending hours researching and jumping between 20 browser tabs. (Sound familiar?)

These AI question solvers use complex algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to understand your questions and curate answers from a number of sources.

But using an AI question answering tool isn’t as simple as just typing in a few keywords and expecting an answer. To get the most out of your AI homework bot, you have to know how to prompt it, which means asking the right questions, providing context around the topic, and making sure you phrase your questions in a way that the AI can understand. Additionally, make sure you read through the answer given to you and double check it for accuracy. (But we’ll get more into that later.)

Here we’ll go through some of the most common questions students have about using AI writers and AI homework helpers—and how you can get the most out of them.

How do AI homework bots work?

Homework AI bots leverage the power of artificial intelligence to provide you with accurate answers and explanations to your questions. But how do they work?

At the core of AI question answering tools is a combination of advanced algorithms and natural language processing. When you ask a question, the tool analyzes the text, breaks it down, and searches through a vast database of information to find relevant answers. These databases are built from a variety of sources, such as textbooks, scholarly articles, websites, and other educational resources. 

In the case of Course Hero’s AI Homework Help, their tool draws from a massive data pool of millions of course-specific documents that have been uploaded by both students and educators from schools around the world, maybe including yours. It’s possible that students who have taken your exact course at your school are uploading documents, so it’s really the best online homework helper for getting the most relevant resources.

Course Hero’s AI Homework Help takes it a step further by inserting these step-by-step explanations from other resources directly into your document. 

Imagine having your assignment open, and as you come across a challenging question or concept, Course Hero’s AI Homework Help provides you with a clear explanation right there on the page. It’s like having an expert tutor built into your document! This integration of AI assistance into your documents can streamline your learning process by allowing you to tackle one complex problem at a time, and without having to spend hours searching through dozens of websites.

Are homework AI bots reliable and accurate?

AI homework bots are a great tool for sparking new ideas and providing direction, but it’s important to remember that AI is not perfect and shouldn’t be relied upon as the only source for answers. 

For subjects that require more creative or abstract thinking, such as social sciences, humanities, or literature, AI responses can provide a great foundation for getting those creative juices flowing. For essay-style questions, it’s also important to include context from the lessons your teacher has provided to demonstrate your understanding of the material.

Course Hero’s AI Homework Help is a great example of how AI can be used as an educational guide for students. By simply uploading a document containing multiple-choice or open-ended questions, the service’s AI immediately begins to detect the questions and searches through its library of millions of course-specific documents to find the relevant answers and explanations.

In the event you want further clarification on an AI answer, you still have the option to send questions directly from your doc to a verified subject matter expert. In most cases, students can expect an answer and explanation to arrive in their inbox in about 30 minutes.

Course Hero’s AI Homework Help feature is efficient and effortless to use. Students can learn from other members of Course Hero’s community, and in many cases, content is shared by people who have taken the same course at the same school—so you know you’re getting the most relevant resources for studying. 

Additionally, Course Hero’s subject matter experts have all passed a strict verification process, guaranteeing only the highest standard of work and attention to detail.

Is using AI plagiarism?

Using AI to study or support your essay writing does not constitute plagiarism; you just have to familiarize yourself with using AI without inadvertently cheating. You should also make sure you read your class syllabus and talk to your teacher about their stance on using AI for homework.

To get the most out of AI while avoiding any potential issues with plagiarism, it’s important that you edit the output you get from ChatGPT and other AI writing tools. Make sure that you are incorporating concepts discussed in the course material as well as your own insight and reflections.

At its core, AI is a tool that enhances the learning and writing experience by helping you with the more technical aspects of studying and writing essays. For instance, AI-based tools can help you with scanning sources, organizing data, outlining essays, structuring paragraphs, and helping you diversify your vocabulary in your writing. Like any other tool, you should use AI to complement—not replace—your learning and writing efforts.

Tips for using AI for your homework

  • Be transparent about how you use AI in your work: Being transparent with your instructor about how you are using AI will help them build trust in you and show your commitment to academic integrity. Showing your work and being able to articulate how you came to your answer with AI’s support will continue to be a crucial skill even after college.
  • Cite AI tools used in your sources: Any AI-generated content should be properly referenced and credited as you would any resource.
  • Edit and review AI-generated content: Be sure to take the time to review and edit the content that you get from AI tools. Ensure that your work is accurate and reflective of what you learned in class. You can do this quickly by validating AI answers with Course Hero’s verified subject matter experts.
  • Utilize AI to enhance your learning experience, not replace it: AI should be used to complement, not replace your own efforts when studying or writing essays. 
  • Paraphrase the content you generate using AI: Paraphrasing the content generated from AI tools will make the work more unique and help you better understand the course material by framing it in your own words. QuillBot and LanguageTool are two AI writing tools we recommend for paraphrasing.

Are homework AI bots more accurate than human tutors?

AI tutors provide an efficient and convenient way to study and are becoming increasingly accurate—however, AI tutors can’t always offer the personalized attention, accuracy, level of detail, and guidance that comes with working with a human tutor. A combination of artificial intelligence and human subject matter expertise is the best way to ensure the most comprehensive and accurate work. Working with a human subject matter expert allows you to get not only an answer to a homework question, but also a thorough explanation or further insight into the material.

In short, AI tutors can be a great resource for basic factual information and questions, but they may not be able to provide the guidance or context around those facts that a human can.

Course Hero’s verified experts provide the best of both worlds: Students can access real human tutors 24/7 with the convenience, speed, and efficiency of AI tutors. Before asking their tutors, though, you can also try Course Hero’s AI Homework Help for free. With more than 100 million course-specific resources, their AI-powered homework help tool will more than likely find the exact answer to your question.

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