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Emma Demorest, Student at UCSB

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The Bathroom That Overlooks the Beach and Other UCSB Secrets

Think you know your campus? Check out these overlooked or little-known UCSB treasures and make them part of your personal Gaucho lore.


Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Eats in IV for Under $5

Hungry UCSB upperclassmen know the best places to get fed on the cheap. Here are some of their top picks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Best Ways for Gauchos to Give Back to SB

Looking for a way share your time and talents with lovely Santa Barbara? These volunteer opportunities are fun, engaging, and great to add to the resume.


6 Things to Do at the Rec Center Besides Lift

Not a fitness fan? There's plenty to do at the Rec Cen to feed your soul, ease your stress, expand your mind, and channel your inner artist. Check it out!


Apps to Keep You Organized This Finals Week

Google Calendar not quite your thing? Check out the apps below for better ways to organize and prioritize this finals week.


6 Easy Microwave Recipes for Hungry College Students

Sick of nuking that cup of noodles? We are too. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of microwavable recipes that are three times as delicious and easy to make.


UCSB Freebies & Bargains You Didn’t Know Existed

Learn how to see hit movies, rent textbooks, and nab some great school gear for free! In most cases, you won’t even have to walk off campus.

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