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How to Sleep When You Have a Lot on Your Mind

A busy new semester can stir up lots of busy, anxious thoughts. So you could probably use a few tips to quiet your mind when your head hits the pillow.

Get There

How I Got Here

Your college major determines which classes you take. It does not dictate the rest of your working life. Just ask these 4 graduates.


7 Superfoods to Boost Your Brain Power

When you’re busy at college, it’s easy to fall back on junk food to keep you going. Be smarter: Choose these more nutritious options.

Study Tips

The 5 Best Note-Taking Methods

To get you off on the right foot this semester: a crash course on how to take great notes. (Because … learning by osmosis doesn’t work.)

Study Tips

5 Time Management Tips for STEM Students

Cramming is never a good study technique—especially for STEM courses, where the information is complex. We’re calling time-out! Here’s a better plan.

Study Tips

Study Tips for STEM Classes: Active Reading

STEM classes are tough, that’s for sure. But the right set of study skills can help you master the course material. Here’s how to do it.

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