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Stephani Anderson, Student at UCSB

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Gaucho’s Guide to Studying for Finals

Are you feeling the frenzy when you think about upcoming finals at UCSB? Take a deep breath. Here is a guide to resources catered to UCSB students.


4 UCSB Spots You Can Enjoy to Relax and Recharge

College can get stressful, but UCSB has several options for a relaxation fix. These 4 spots can satisfy your soul and even your appetite.

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Gaucho Grads Share What They Wish They’d Known at UCSB

Before you know it, college whips by in the blink of an eye. Two UCSB alumni share their top regrets and memories.


6 Ways to Get Outside and “Fall” for Santa Barbara

Need a break from studying? Here are 6 hikes and outdoor activities to help you refresh yourself this fall.


We Gauchoback: Here’s Your Guide to UCSB Lingo

Being a Gaucho comes with its own UCSB-specific vocabulary. Here are 10 terms to learn, to help you speak like a regular.


6 October Santa Barbara Concerts You Won’t Want to Miss

October in Santa Barbara means a variety of live music. Take a study break and catch one of these concerts!


Be Prepared: 4 Top Tips for Dorm Life—from a UCSB RA

Want to have the best dorm experience at UCSB? You can make it happen with these insider tips and suggestions from a UCSB resident assistant.

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Facebook Groups Every UCSB Student Should Join

Whether you're looking to buy or sell clothes, catch a ride, or know the news on campus, these UCSB Facebook groups will help you stay in the loop.


Update Your Wardrobe and Save Your Wallet

Time to update your look? UCSB students can find amazing deals on stylish new (or lightly used) clothes at these Santa Barbara locations.


10 Items Every UCSB Freshman Needs

Make your dorm room work for you—and start your freshman year ultra-prepared—with these 10 essentials recommended by fellow Gauchos.


Top 3 Tips to Take the Stress out of Your Fall Return to UCSB

Want to come into fall quarter fully prepared, but you don’t know where to start? This student-to-student advice covers your classes, books, and more!

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Interview Strategies from a Gaucho Expert

Do you wonder how to prep for interviews? Do you go blank when the questions start coming? Use this guide to head into your next interview with confidence.


Best Student Discounts You Didn’t Know You Could Get

Turns out, your student ID is good for more than just meal swipes. Check out these spots near UCSB that give the best student discounts.

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