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Vianna Mabanag, Student at UCSB

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5 Celebs Who Could Change Your World This Year at UCSB

Catching any one of these living legends when they stop in Santa Barbara is a life-enhancing treat you won’t want to miss.


3 Fun Tips for the Ultimate Friendsgiving at UCSB

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, yet you’re still studying hard. Here are three easy ways to plan a Friendsgiving.


5 Best Local Places for Back-to-School Shopping at UCSB

Save some gas! These shops are great places for back-to-school deals—and they're all within walking or biking distance of UCSB.


Famous People Who Graduated from UCSB

UCSB produces doctors, engineers, journalists—and celebrities! Check out this surprising list of famous people who roamed the same hallways as you.


5 Top Family-Friendly Places to Take Parents When They Visit UCSB

Parents visiting soon? Add these spots to your must-see list and you can show off all Santa Barbara has to offer.

Get There

Summer in Santa Barbara: Your Must-Do Bucket List

From skydiving to surfing, these 5 awesome activities are must-do’s if you’re spending the summer in Santa Barbara.


Where to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos Around Santa Barbara

Looking for an amazing spot near Santa Barbara to take your Instagram to the next level? Here are 5 sweet spots to meet all of your photo shoot needs.

Study Tips

The Best Goleta Coffee Shops for Studying

Tired of the library and looking for a new place to study? We’ve ranked some of the best coffee shops in Goleta where you can get that work done.


How to Survive College Life with an Injury

College is all fun and games until you sprain an ankle. If you find yourself stuck with crutches or a cast, check out these resources to help you stay on top of classes while recovering.

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