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5 Steps for a Successful Summer Internship Search

Landing a summer internship can be a great way to jump-start your career and explore your interests. Learn how to get an internship here.

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4 Trader Joe’s Favorites for Quick (and Satisfying) Midterm Meals

Midterms can make it difficult to cook, let alone eat well. Here are 4 easy meals you can pick up at Trader Joe’s.


5 Ways to Decorate Your Berkeley Dorm

The holidays are the perfect time to spice up your dorm decor. Take a short break from studying with these DIY tips.

Study Tips

Libraries and Cafes: 10 of Berkeley’s Best Study Spots

When it comes to exams, finding the perfect study spot can be key. Here are 10 Berkeley libraries and cafes that suit specific study needs.


5 Berkeley Stores to Shop for (Cheap!) Warm Apparel

Want to update your wardrobe to fit the Bay Area’s ever-changing weather? We’ve got you covered with these 5 affordable stores around Berkeley.

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