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What’s It Like to Work as a Course Hero Campus Rep?

Flexible hours let you earn spending money in your free time without letting your schoolwork slide. Come join our team!

College is incredibly hectic: You’ve got a full course load of lectures, reading, papers, and—in the midst of it all—you somehow need to find time to work?!

At Course Hero, we understand the demands of college life. And we also know that your schoolwork comes first. So when we hire students to work as Course Hero Campus Representatives, we offer flexible hours so school remains your focus.

Our Campus Rep program allows you to build valuable marketing and sales skills and make some much-needed spending money—on your schedule, whenever (and wherever) you have time.

School: University of Kentucky

Graduation Year: 2020

Major: Communications

Henrietta Bilokur, a recent graduate, talked about her experience as a Campus Rep, how she balanced a full school schedule with working, and how she made it, well, work for her.

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Job flexibility was Henrietta’s top priority because she was so busy juggling a full course load, being active in her Pi Beta Phi sorority, and holding down a job as a server. All her prior commitments came attached to a fixed schedule, so she needed a job she could do wherever she had a free moment—even if it was at midnight. Henritetta could also bring her laptop to sorority meetings and squeeze in some Course Hero prep work while waiting for the meeting to start.

The Course Hero campus rep job is designed so you can work whenever you find time, no set schedule required. Managers are accommodating to the other demands in your life, Henrietta explains.  “It’s honestly the most flexible job I’ve ever had. We have goals, but our managers are understanding if we don’t make them because they know we are students first.”

Henrietta says she averaged about 10 hours a week as a Campus Rep. In addition to hosting events where she spread the word about Course Hero, her earnings also came from bonuses she received by successfully referring friends to enter Course Hero sweepstakes or upload study materials to Books for Africa.

Friends don’t let friends miss out!

A flexible work schedule that didn’t shortchange schoolwork also appealed to two of Henrietta’s roommates (who were sorority sisters as well). And they decided to join her on-campus team. The three of us were able to work our Campus Rep jobs into activities we were already involved in, for instance, right before our sorority meetings, Henrietta says. Carving out time was often as easy as sending a quick text and meeting up with their laptops five minutes later if everyone’s busy schedules allowed.

Why you should become a Campus Rep

On why other students should work at Course Hero, Henrietta told us: “Honestly, it’s the most flexible job to make some spending money. Since you’re not working a particular shift, you can squeeze in an hour before class or during lunch, or even in the library as a study break.”

If a flexible job where you work when you want sounds like something that might interest you, check out these Campus Rep job listings! If Course Hero hasn’t come to your school yet, just fill out this form and email your resume to [email protected] to let us know you’re interested in becoming your school’s first Campus Rep!

We hope you’ll join our team, and we can’t wait to work with you!

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