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What It’s Like to Work as a Course Hero Campus Rep

Learn how the Course Hero Campus Rep Program can help you build sales and marketing skills to take into the business world.

If you’re familiar with Course Hero, then you probably know we want students to graduate confident and prepared—it’s kind of our thing.

To encourage those qualities and help set you up for the post-college job market, we offer students the chance to work with us as Course Hero Campus Representatives. As a Campus Rep, you’ll get real-world work experience building sales and marketing skills while you’re still at school. Plus you’ll get to host sweepstakes events, help raise money for philanthropies, all while having fun and making your own money!

Here, Carmen Chen shares her experience as a Campus Rep and the valuable skills she’ll take into her future career in audit accounting.

Meet Our Course Hero Campus Rep: Carmen Chen

School: University of California Irvine

Graduation Year: 2021

Major: Business Economic

A Campus Rep’s main job is to get the word out about Course Hero. So, Carmen reached out to fellow students over text and social media, inviting them to events where she’d give a PowerPoint® presentation. “I created fliers advertising my events and targeted posts on campus Facebook pages to let people know about Course Hero,” Carmen says. “I got experience in cold-calling (reaching out to people you don’t know), marketing, and sales—which I wouldn’t have gotten in my classes.”

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Developing career skills you won’t learn in school

Carmen is currently one of our top-performing Reps, and looking back, she realizes that despite her business interests, she didn’t know anything about marketing or advertising before she started working with Course Hero. After a rough start—missing her goals on her first event—she reached out to her (very supportive) team for help to find her footing. “For my first partnership event, I wasn’t even able to reach 10 people,” she says. “Luckily, I got smart advice from the community managers and the rest of my team. They were very reassuring, reminding me it was my first event, and that eventually, I’d figure things out. I’ve been able to improve and do really well in the role because of their encouragement.”

Learning through trial and error, leaning in for help, and being receptive to feedback are skills that helped Carmen excel as a Rep and will serve her well throughout her career. “I became more confident and independent,” she says. “Through partnership events, I had the opportunity to speak in front of large groups of people and improve my public speaking skills. For my first successful event, I helped fundraise for a philanthropy project, so I also felt like I was making an impact.” Carmen anticipates that these experiences will give her an advantage when she enters the workforce and needs to talk to new clients and collaborate with new coworkers.

Why you should become a campus rep

On why other students may want to become a Campus Rep, Carmen says, It’s such an amazing opportunity, especially for people who are business majors, because so many of the skills we develop working with Course Hero transfer over to any career that you might want to pursue in the future.”

If you are intrigued by Carmen’s experience, check out our open positions. You’ll get the chance to hone valuable workplace skills in a relaxed, supportive environment— and make money in the process!

Check to see if Course Hero is actively recruiting at your school. If we aren’t, you can advocate for your school, and be its first Campus Rep, by filling out this form and emailing your resume to [email protected].

We encourage you to apply, and hope you can join our team!

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