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How to Get Course Hero for Free

Level up your study skills by scoring free Course Hero unlocks and accessing valuable study materials. Here’s how to do it.

Between books and tuition, college is expensive enough to make your wallet weep. We get it, and we want to help! It’s why we created monthly scholarship opportunities for eligible students, and also why we offer a way to access Course Hero’s library of 30 million course-specific study materials—for free.

As part of our mission to see every student “graduate confident and prepared,” we created an online library of resources generated by both students and educators to support student learning and complement what’s happening in the classroom. If you browse the site, you’ll be able to see the subject matter and scope of study documents, but with the pertinent information blurred out. There are two ways to un-blur, or unlock, this wealth of knowledge: as a paying subscriber or by receiving free unlocks. Either option will give you full access to documents with the option of downloading them to aid your studies.

And how do you get those free unlocks? It’s as easy as one, two, three … three steps, that is!

Study resources for the courses you’re actually taking—whenever you need them.

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How to access Course Hero’s library of study aids with free unlocks

Step 1: Register

Create a free Course Hero account. Enter your name, email address, and school.

Step 2: Upload your study documents

The key to receiving free unlocks is to upload your own study documents so you’re contributing to Course Hero’s learning community. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be taken to a page to upload your documents in exchange for free unlocks. Upload relevant class notes, test prep materials, essays, and lab reports with the easy uploading tool. Add the document type, class information, and tags, which will help other students find your resources and rate them (which could lead to even more free unlocks!).

Remember to only upload material that you own the copyright for, meaning they’re notes or outlines that you wrote yourself. See Course Hero’s copyright policies.

Step 3: Check the unlock status

It normally takes a few hours for newly uploaded documents to be processed (though it can sometimes take up to three days). If they are accepted by the system, your free unlocks await!

Remember, the more documents you upload, the more unlocks you’ll receive, so upload your notes and study resources throughout the semester. That way you’ll have a store of unlocks available when you really need them, around midterms or finals. Happy studying!

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