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Advice from a Senior Aggie: How to Maintain Work/Life Balance at UC Davis

It's not impossible—you can get an A and maintain your social life. Start with these 4 easy tips from a senior who’s had 4 years to learn how!

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5 Places to Unwind in Davis After Midterms

Midterms can be stressful, but Davis offers plenty of ways to relax after your exams. Here are 5 rejuvenating places to check out.


Wellness Matters: 5 Tips to Help You Stay on Track During Exam Season

Do you have a hard time focusing as Fall Quarter ends? These 5 simple actions can help you stay on track, both physically and mentally. Let's go, Aggies!

Study Tips

3 Keys to Studying During Thanksgiving Break

It can be hard to study when you’re physically (and mentally) on break. Here are 3 ways to help get your work done.

How to Plan a UC Davis Friendsgiving on the Cheap

Thanksgiving isn’t just for home! Here’s your guide to planning Friendsgiving in Davis without breaking the bank.

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