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8 Best UC Davis Facebook Groups for Students

These UC Davis Facebook groups will help you sell your things, get more information on daily happenings, and generally make the most of student life.

Facebook is a great tool for staying connected with friends, but it can also help you academically and professionally. Whether you’re looking for studying tips or internship information, want to refurnish your apartment, or just need a laugh, these are the Facebook groups every UC Davis student should join.

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Academics and career help

  • Global Disease Biology, Managerial Economics, Engineering, and many more majors at UC Davis have their own Facebook pages. These offer class suggestions, information on collaborative study groups, networking events, and many other useful resources.
  • Transfer student support group. This is a great resource for incoming transfer students. Adapting to UC Davis can be challenging, and this group offers advice, studying strategies, and class-scheduling tactics.
  • The general UC Davis page. This page offers a unique combination of resources: important academic dates, info about events on campus, and posts about accomplishments by students at UC Davis.
  • Internship and Career Center. Many of us want to gain professional or research experience along with our academic knowledge. This page offers opportunities posted by professors or employers that students can apply for, making it a great source for resume building.

Housing and items for sale

  • Housing. It can be hard for incoming students to find housing, whether on or off campus. This page offers info about apartment postings and roommate searches.
  • Free & For Sale. This group provides a single destination for a variety of items—from furniture to textbooks—that students are selling or giving away for free.

Just for fun

  • UC Davis Memes for Egghead Teens. This is for every meme lover at UC Davis. Everyone can relate to the student experiences portrayed here.
  • Dogspotting. If you’re one of the many animal lovers on the UC Davis campus, this page is for you. Dogspotting is a fun way to share cute pictures of dogs on campus, and it can really brighten up anyone’s day.

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