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6 Easy Microwave Recipes for Hungry College Students

Sick of nuking that cup of noodles? We are too. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of microwavable recipes that are three times as delicious and easy to make.

When you’re running low on meal swipes or can’t quite make it to one of the dining commons for dinner, it’s easy to turn to the cup of noodles sitting in your closet. But when that gets old (and it will—fast), there’s no need to turn your back on your microwave. There are tons of quick and delicious microwave recipes available online, so why not make a meal of it? We’ve selected a whole day’s worth, all just as good and twice as healthy as your ramen!

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Oatmeal in a mug

Can’t make it to a hearty dining hall breakfast? Have no fear—oatmeal in a mug is here! With only four mandatory ingredients (yes, mug included), this awesome recipe is healthy, filling, and just plain scrumptious. Make it your own by adding fruit, cinnamon, or sugar to the basic microwave oatmeal recipe (and check out 6 additional microwave recipes while you’re at it).

Egg sandwich

Believe it or not, microwave eggs are just as easy to make in your dorm as cereal. Explore the recipe and you could be eating an egg sandwich, filled with as many extra ingredients as you want, on the daily. We especially love adding cheese and spinach for extra zest.


Mini meatball stew

We all know and love the deliciousness and convenience of the infamous cake in a mug, but that won’t make for the most nutritious lunch (I know, we wish otherwise). Instead, put your roommate’s snacks to shame by trying out this microwavable meatball stew.

Sweet potato with broccoli, bacon, and cheese

Stuffed baked potato

OK, so this isn’t in a mug, but it’s just as simple! There’s nothing tastier than a buttery baked potato with all of your favorite toppings, and now you can make your own from the comfort of your room. Also, have we mentioned how cheap potatoes are? A college student’s dream. Check out this highly rated microwave baked potato recipe.


Pizza in a mug

With cheap ingredients you can use more than once, pizza in a mug is a delicious and economical meal. Better yet, it only requires 2 minutes in the microwave!

Mug o’ mac ’n’ cheese

Ah, America’s favorite comfort food. Get a bag of pasta from the nearest store, and nuke it one serving at a time. This delicious mac ’n’ cheese recipe calls for only three ingredients, water included!

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