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How to Unblur Course Hero Documents

If last week’s lecture has faded from memory and your notes are no help, let Course Hero’s library of study guides and documents help unblur things.

You’ve scoured your textbook and thoroughly wracked your brain, and your homework is still not going well. The course material has you stuck. So you do what everyone does when looking for answers: You turn to Google. Aha! There they are—the study aids you need on Course Hero.… Well, sort of.

You can see previews for the material, but the relevant information is blurred. What to do? Here’s how to unblur Course Hero documents so you can solve the last piece of your homework puzzle.

Study resources for the courses you’re actually taking—whenever you need them.

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How to view blurred text on Course Hero

Accessing Course Hero’s extensive library of study aids is easy! You can upload your own original study materials, documents, and notes to our site in exchange for free unlocks (which is just the official way to say “use Course Hero for free”). Or you can scoop up a Course Hero membership to view blurred text on Course Hero.

Whichever way you choose, your first step is to create a free Course Hero account by entering your name, email address, and school. Use the dashboard to search for and add the classes you’re taking during your current semester.

To upload documents, gather all of your class notes and outlines (remember, you can only upload material you’ve created) and use the easy uploading tool. Once you’re done, select your document type and tag it with important key words, subject, and concepts. You’ll be helping other students (by sharing your study materials with them) as well as yourself: When your materials are rated, you can earn more unlocks!

Then just sit back and wait for your free Course Hero unlocks to roll in. (Actually, you might want to crack a book while you’re waiting: Processing your documents normally takes just a few hours, though sometimes it can take up to 3 days.) Once your documents have successfully uploaded, you’ll receive email notification of your Course Hero free unlocks. For every 10 successful uploads, you’ll receive 5 unlocks, which lets you unblur 5 Course Hero documents.

We normally suggest uploading a few extra documents just in case, because only documents accepted on our site count toward your free unlocks.

And that’s it! That’s how to get Course Hero for free.

Why you might want to pay for access

We get it: Everyone loves free stuff. And while a free account is a great student resource that includes pay-per-question access to our 24/7 Homework Help, full access to our free literature infographics, and the ability to browse study documents in our library, there are benefits to paying for a subscription.

The first is easy access to study resources: a Premier Membership comes with 30 unlocks per month that you can use to view full documents, see Textbook Solutions and Explanations, and ask up to 40 Tutor Questions.

You won’t need to spend time uploading notes (unless of course you want to share your inspired outlines and insightful class notes, in which case please do!). And you can access your materials right away. Find out more details and perks of Premier Membership. 

Course Hero offers options for every student

If you’re new to Course Hero and are interested in giving it a try, or you’re a sporadic user who needs only occasional study help, then free unlocks through uploading documents is probably your best option.

If you consider Course Hero an essential study aid and educational supplement, there are several subscription options to choose from.

Course Hero offers the following pricing options for the Premier Membership* subscription:

  • One-year membership at $9.95/mo (80% savings), billed in one up-front installment of $119.40
  • Three-month membership at $19.95/mo (48% savings), billed in one up-front installment of $59.85
  • One-month membership at $39.95/mo, billed in one up-front installment of $39.95

*Recurring payments: We don’t want to interrupt your service, so at the end of your commitment period, your subscription will automatically renew. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Find out more details.

Whether it’s through free unlocks or a paid subscription, you’ll never have to Google “Course Hero remove blur” again!

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