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8 Cheap Restaurants Near NYU You Need to Try

Restaurants that serve affordable meals close to campus earn an A in anyone’s book. Here are 8 hot spots from a fellow first year.

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The NYU Freshman Experience: True Stories of Adjusting to NYC

Is living in NYC a big change for you? You’re not alone. Here are 4 tales from fellow students to make you feel right at home.


NYU Lingo: 7 Ways to Talk Like an NYU Student

It’s easy to tell a Tischy from a Sternie and to know what those names mean. Here are some other pieces of lingo all NYU students should know.


4 NYU Study Spots for Every Mood

Sometimes you may prefer artful surroundings for studying, and other times, some peace and quiet. Here are 4 study spots to suit your moods.


NYU on Screen: Fiction vs. Reality

The area around our school has played host to many films and TV shows, but how different are the real-life locations from those on screen? Let's find out.

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