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The Early Bird’s Guide to Applying for Dream Internships

The year may be young, but it’s never too soon to apply for your dream internship! Here are 6 tips to help you get a head start on securing your dream gig.

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Wake up Gauchos: 4 Ways to Prepare for Early Morning Classes

Falling asleep in your morning UCSB classes? Instead of yawning your way through class, follow these tips to prep you for your next 8 a.m. section.


4 UCSB Spots You Can Enjoy to Relax and Recharge

College can get stressful, but UCSB has several options for a relaxation fix. These four spots can satisfy your soul and even your appetite.

Get There

Gaucho Grads Share What They Wish They’d Known at UCSB

Before you know it, college whips by in the blink of an eye. Two UCSB alumni share their top regrets and memories.


6 Ways to Get Outside and “Fall” for Santa Barbara

Need a break from studying? Here are 6 hikes and outdoor activities to help you refresh yourself this fall.

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