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The Bathroom That Overlooks the Beach and Other UCSB Secrets

Think you know your campus? Check out these overlooked or little-known UCSB treasures and make them part of your personal Gaucho lore.

In the hustle and bustle of classes, clubs, and precious free time, many Gauchos don’t realize that secrets abound on campus, if you take the time to look. Go find these 6 little-known on-campus features that are unique to UCSB!

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1. UCSB’s Secret Garden

Hidden behind the Rec Center, an oasis awaits. Maintained by the Associated Students Recycling and the Department of Public Worms (yes, that’s a real organization) lies The Grove. The garden promotes more sustainable living by fostering edible plants and vegetables grown with organic waste that would have otherwise gone to a landfill. Feel yourself getting a green thumb? The DPW holds quarterly workshops, so you can learn to grow seasonal snacks in your own backyard!

2. Gnome Studies

Though we don’t know any Gnome Studies majors, we certainly have some Gauchos that are curious about the subject: The tiny door marked “Gnome Studies” is on floor 1½ of Girvetz Hall. That’s right, 1½. (And the building is not to be confused with the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education on campus.) Some say if you can open the door to the classroom, you’re automatically enrolled in the class, but we can’t promise it’s an easy A.

3. Mosher Alumni House

Not so much a secret as a greatly underutilized resource, Mosher Alumni House is a fantastic spot for students to study in during finals week. The building even offers free drinks and snacks after 5 p.m. Though only open during dead week, the patio is a lovely spot to work and hang out. Chill in the under-promoted peace even though you aren’t an alumni … yet.

4. Bathroom with a view

Inarguably the best feature of UCSB, this elusive bathroom is said to have one of the most beautiful views anywhere—take that, Ivy leagues! Located on one of the higher floors (we won’t say which) of the Marine Science Research Building, this complementary commode provides its users with a lovely view of the ocean and the Goleta pier.

5. Music Library

Ironically one of the quietest libraries on campus, this room in the Music Building is a fantastic spot to study, chill, or just jam out with records from their curated collection (or your own tunes)—that’s right, aux cords are available.

6. The REEF touch tank

Many Gauchos know the ocean is quite literally our neighbor, but do you know the critters in it? Though the Research Experience & Education Facility is pretty inconspicuous on the outside, after you go once you’ll want to visit every day. Part of the UCSB’s Marine Science Institute, the REEF is a free, interactive aquarium located at Campus Point. Pet a starfish, hold a sea anemone, and be glad other Gauchos haven’t caught on to this fantastic experience. Check it out on Fridays, 3–5 p.m., and Saturdays, 11 a.m.–3 p.m.

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