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4 Places to Snag Free Food During Finals

UCSB is a great place to study, and you can even score free eats during finals week. Here are 4 spots around campus to fuel up.

Even though final exams can be stressful, there’s a bright spot for UCSB students: free food. In fact, there are many opportunities to snag free food around campus during the last 2 weeks of the quarter. Here’s an inside scoop on 4 places where you can grab a snack to help fuel your studies.

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1. Mosher Alumni House

Mosher Alumni House provides students with coffee and snacks, and the space is conveniently located behind Campbell Hall along Mesa Road. The alumni house is usually sponsored by KIND, so you’ll find yummy granola bars—and sometimes pizza from Woodstock’s.

2. Student Resource Building

The Student Resource Building (SRB) is the first building to the right after you go through Pardall Tunnel. The staff puts out baskets of snacks and coffee in the Multipurpose Room, and you’ll typically find an assortment of fruit, trail mix, cookies, and other goodies.

3. University Center

The staff typically sets out coffee and muffins for students to enjoy during finals. Keep a close eye on the top floor of the UCen to find the muffins—they tend to go quickly.

4. MultiCultural Center

Located next to the UCen, the MultiCultural Center offers free bagels along with cream cheese. Best of all, you don’t have to eat them cold: They’ll provide toasters for you.

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