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6 Classes at UCSB to Educate You for Life

Want to take fascinating classes that are useful for the real world? These 6 courses will help you learn career and life skills.

UCSB students are lucky to have a wide selection of classes to choose from, and some of them are excellent for career prep—and we’re talking well after graduation. Here are 6 classes that can provide you with specific skills and knowledge to help set you up for success in and out of the classroom.

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1. Visual Literacy (ART 1A)

Why you should take it: This class provides a theoretical and practical foundation for all aspects of visual culture, including digital technology, film, TV, advertising and print media. If you want to pursue a career in the arts, entertainment, technology, or marketing, this is the class for you!

2. Business and Administrative Writing (WRIT 107B)

Why you should take it: Not only will you discover ways to write better in this class, but you’ll also learn how to create the perfect resume along with other business documents like emails, memos and collaborative reports. Talk about a class with the complete package.

3. Biosocial Anthropology (ANTH 7)

Why you should take it: This class provides all the anthropological, psychological, and biological foundations you need to know about evolution by natural selection. Not only does this class teach you about why we feel and act like we do but it also teaches you how to think and observe like a scientist.

4. Law and Economics I (ECON 117A)

Why you should take it: If you’re interested in applying economic analysis to law studies, here’s your class. By learning about common law, constitutional law, and legal processes, you’ll gain the necessary foundational tools to become a successful lawyer. And if you’re not set on a future law career, you could still learn skills to help you become a more informed citizen.

5. Neurobiology of Brain States (PSY 136)

Why you should take it: This course provides a theoretical and research-based foundation in the neurobiology of brain states. You’ll learn how the brain relates to sleep, transcendental experience, autism, depression, schizophrenia, and more. This class will not only help prep you for a career in STEM but will also provide insight into the many wonders of the human brain.

6. Group Communication in Multiple Contexts (COMM 150)

Why you should take it: This class combines social and behavioral sciences with various communication-related approaches to group behavior. You’ll gain an understanding of how networks—both within and outside a group—function and affect group communication. The course gives you the needed perspective and communication tools to succeed in any professional and personal relationship.

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