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Since 2006, Course Hero has helped students find the best study resources, ask tutors for personalized homework help, and share their own study resources to help others learn. Now, we’re open for educators!

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Customize your teaching materials in less time with Course Hero’s growing library of more than 10,000,000 lesson plans, flashcards, study guides, and more.

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Gain access to Course Hero for free when you share your own resources with our community. Upload your content to share and collaborate with students and educators helping them enhance their knowledge, too.

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As Course Hero Educators evolves, members in the United States and Canada are invited to join our Educator Insights Group to provide feedback directly to our product team.*

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

While we believe that most Course Hero members use the site in the manner for which it was intended, upon registration all users must confirm that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with Course Hero’s Honor Code.

We expect our users to act with academic integrity. Therefore, anyone who misuses our site for the express purpose of cheating and/or claiming another user’s content as their own will be met with appropriate action.

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