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Applications closed on May 25, 2022

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Receive $2,000 to create a transformational learning experience using technology. As a grant recipient, you'll also be awarded a one-year subscription to Course Hero's teaching resource library, invitations to network with fellow grantees, and an opportunity to showcase your work.

elligibility details
elligibility details

The must-haves

You currently teach at any higher education institution in the United States (all disciplines welcome)

You are the instructor of record for the class in your project proposal

Your proposal utilizes a digital medium to support your students

You are able to implement your funded project during the Fall 2022 term

You are able to verify your employment with your educational institution upon selection

P R O J E C T   C R I T E R I A

Think outside the syllabus

Share your vision for leveraging technology in your next classroom project. Examples include:

A creative writing class with a digital publishing project

A statistics class using digital data sets to analyze greenhouse gas emissions

A geography class using digital mapping to support under-resourced communities

A history class creating a series of podcasts based on local figures and events

A biology class producing educational videos that feature endangered species in their region

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May 25, 2022

Mark your calendars

May 25, 2022:
Application closes

Late June:
Recipients notified

Early July:
Funds disbursed

December 31, 2022:
Project deadline

January 2023:
Project reflection

Need Support?

View our FAQ to learn more. You can also email our Educator Community Team at [email protected] or join one of our virtual office hours below for support with your application proposal.

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