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Chemistry in Action: A Service Project at a Local Estuary

A local estuary has helped Dr. Subhalakshmi Nagarajan show her students the interdisciplinary nature of science and the value of a scientific career.  

Prescribe “Disruptive Thinking” to Spark Innovations in Healthcare

Professor Rachel Rogers’s healthcare management students get ideas for addressing issues in the medical field by analyzing data—and other industries.

Help Math Students Visualize Probability Distributions with Excel

Randomness can be difficult to explain with words alone, so Dr. Mehdi Razzaghi uses numbers, spreadsheets, and histograms to help students understand.

Beauty and the Accountant: A Student Project Using Data from a Local Salon

Omar Roubi, MS, CPA, shares how he connected students with his own client to offer a dynamic real-world experience—and how other educators can do the same.

Build Essential CPA Skills with a Modified Monopoly Game

Dr. Rania Mousa has turned this money-based board game into an activity that is proven to forge real-world accounting skills.

Build Digital Literacy in Music Marketing with a Real Brand or Band

Gigi Johnson, EdD, teams her students with real-world music industry clients to teach them about twenty-first-century digital literacy and tools.

How to Teach Math Using the Stock Market (and Vice Versa)

In Robin Rufatto’s class project, students must work together as Wall Street analysts.

5 Real-Life Accounting Stories and Illustrations to Engage Students

To help students relate to the material, Eugene H. Cantor, LLM, CPA, presents real situations to personalize key accounting terms and concepts.

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University President Teaches Mathematics as Art—and Failure as Success

The 'Internet Girl' Of Colombia Connects Past and Present In The Classroom

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Antonette McCaster, MBA, CPA

Indiana University in Bloomington


Bruce Kirchoff, PhD

University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Subhalakshmi Nagarajan, PhD

Bowling Green State University Firelands, in Huron, Ohio


Rachel Rogers, BSN, RN, MS

University of Denver


Mary McNaughton-Cassill

University of Texas, San Antonio


Andrea Woodson-Smith, PhD

North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina


Mehdi Razzaghi, PhD

Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania


Nathan Tublitz, PhD

University of Oregon in Eugene


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Q&A: A Dialogue Education Expert’s Tips on Teaching Open-Mindedness

To foster inclusive thinking in government accounting students, Antonette McCaster, MBA, uses a blend of teamwork and self-reflection.

Q&A: A Science Communication Expert’s (Free!) Visual Learning Software

Biology professor Bruce Kirchoff, PhD, explains how he adapted his psych-based “White Paper” study method to an online format.

Career Planning in Class: Teaching About SMART Goals and Vision Boards

Dr. Andrea Woodson-Smith spends a semester on SMART goals and vision boards to show her kinesiology students how to get what they want in life.

Q&A: Why One Professor Focuses on *Respect* Instead of Active Learning

By treating students as peers, biology professor Dr. Nathan Tublitz creates a safe space for strengthening critical thinking and communication skills.

More than a Temperature Check: Understanding the Signs of Student Mental Health Issues

Recognizing and responding to signs of student mental health issues

Q&A: An Analytics Expert Shares How to Boost Engagement in MOOCs

Dr. Ryan Baker has taught massive open online courses for as many as 50,000 students—but the insights he shares here can benefit any online educator.

Seahorses and Socioscientific Issues: Add Passion and Emotion to PowerPoints

Biologist and integrated environmental scientist Dr. Sarah Krejci’s compelling narrative illustrates the impact of humans on the natural environment.

Q&A: This Fraud Expert’s Program Has a 100% Placement Rate (for Real)

Learn how award-winning educator Dr. Cindy Greenman created a forensic accounting program with a lot of hands-on learning—and impressive outcomes.

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Dr. Payal Sharma Lecture: Game of Thrones vs. LBJ

Payal Sharma, PhD, assistant professor of business at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, visits Course Hero to present a master class on power.

Kelly Richmond Pope Lecture: Using an Edutainment Curriculum to Revamp Your Accounting Courses

Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope, accounting professor at Chicago’s DePaul University, shows the student engagement triggered by a hands-on, whodunit activity.

Kristen Rawlett Lecture: Service Learning in Nursing

Kristen Rawlett, PhD, of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, discusses service learning for nursing students at the Course Hero Nurse Educator Summit.

Michael Starbird Lecture: Exploring the Fourth Dimension

Dr. Michael Starbird, professor of mathematics at The University of Texas, Austin, shows how to bolster creativity by using analogy to build new concepts.

Katie Dawson Lecture: Active and Creative Teaching

Katie Dawson of The University of Texas at Austin lectures at Course Hero headquarters on tools for active and creative teaching, inside and outside the classroom.

Jeannice Samani Lecture: Integrated Learning

Dr. Jeannice Samani of Santa Clara University lectures at Course Hero headquarters on integrated learning.

Phil Simon Lecture: 7 Questions About Big Data

Phil Simon of the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University explains Big Data, organizations using it, potential perils, and more.

Wiley & Schwaller Lecture: Basic Design for Creating Effective Visual Communication

Cynthia Wiley and Rachel Merrill-Schwaller of Grand View University explain how they use pop culture to explain basic design principles.

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