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Show the Power of Statistics with a Student-Driven Survey Project

Math instructor Lee Ann Roberts takes the fear factor out of quantitative reasoning by having students pose a real-life question and collect data on it.

Make Physics Real with Writing Prompts—Not Just Practice Problems

To make thermodynamics relatable, this professor brings them to life with pop culture examples, guest lectures, and one-pagers.

Strengthen Students’ Soft Skills with Virtual Role-Playing

To bolster emotional intelligence in a tech-minded generation, Virginie Kidwell, PhD, provides software-based practice problems in a workplace setting.

Phage Hunters Handbook: Make the Most of the SEA-PHAGES Program

Biology professor Steven Caruso, PhD, has turned a bacteriophage ID program into something that can be the highlight of a student’s college career.

Germs on My Phone?! Engage Biology Nonmajors with This (Gross) Lab

To personalize her labs, Beatrice Fineschi, PhD, has students collect bacteria from their phones and chairs, then use high-tech methods to ID it.

Make Big Data Relatable by Analyzing U.S. Unemployment

Employed or unemployed? It is not that simple. David Powell, MS, uses data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to demystify statistical analysis.

Prep MBAs Better—Skip the Lectures, Textbooks, and Tests

When entrepreneur and innovator James Stikeleather heard that MBA programs were lacking, he became a professor—and started stirring things up.

Discovering Antibiotics: A Microbiology Lab Where Students Take the Lead

Dr. Lauren Klabonski’s Microbiology lab gives undergraduates a chance to drive research with lifesaving potential.

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Master Educators

We follow them into their classrooms, offices, and homes to understand how they inspire students and break down barriers to learning.

Professor Offers Radical Redefinition of Teaching in the 21st Century

University President Teaches Mathematics as Art—and Failure as Success

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Adan Vela, PhD

University of Central Florida, Orlando


Lee Roberts, MS

Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville


Willie S. Rockward, PhD

Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland


Virginie Kidwell, PhD

University of North Texas


Oluwole Ariyo, PhD

Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina


Steven Caruso, PhD

University of Maryland,Baltimore County, in Baltimore


Beatrice Fineschi, PhD

University of Chicago


David Powell, MS, MBA

Berkeley City College in California


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Design Flexible Pathways to Increase Opportunity and Access for All Students

Engineering professor Adan Vela, PhD, shares his passion—and advice—for providing access to college students facing multiple challenges.

Students Teaching Students: 4 Ways to Foster “Discovery Learning”

Oluwole Ariyo, PhD, a biology professor and advocate of encouraging student inquiry, offers four organic ways to help students drive their own learning.

Teaching for Equity and with Empathy

Dr. Jessica Calarco highlights the challenges and inequities students face during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Manage Stress and Compassion Fatigue, While Engaging Students Online

To address faculty burnout, Course Hero invited a panel of instructors & experts to discuss ways to manage stress, & engaging students online.

What Role Do Universities Play in Supporting Their Students?

Course Hero invited a panel of four college students to talk about their experiences with stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Faculty Can Lead Through Challenging Times

Dr. Freeman Hrabowski and Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope, discuss how to lead as an educator through challenging times.

Rituals to Start and End Class—and Unlock Learning

Theatre professor Katie Dawson, MFA, has found ways that students can use sticky notes, simple props, and their own thumbs to connect more deeply with course content.

5 Ways to Prevent Inequities in Group Projects

Through research and experimentation, biology instructor Dr. Cristina Gheorghiu has discovered ways to encourage equitable student collaboration.

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How I Use Course Hero as an Educator

See how educators across disciplines utilize Course Hero to help them innovate their curriculum to improve students’ learning experiences.

How I Use Course Hero as a Student

See how students across the country utilize Course Hero to help get them get unstuck and study more effectively.

DAY TWO: RESET — Student-Centered Teaching: Why We Need to Double Down on Data During COVID

Timothy Renick's session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit as a part of the general session.

Revolutionary Scholarship: The Bond Between Social Justice and the Classroom Experience

Jonathan Cabrera's session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit as a part of the State of Higher Education track.

Fighting Feedback Fear: Creative Techniques for Online Critiques

This session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit, from July 29-31, as a part of the Teaching Techniques and Demos track.

TailorEd: Student Learning Outcomes

This session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit, from July 29-31, as a part of the State of Higher Education track.

Teaching and Learning Center Meetup

Aditi Pai's session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit as a part of the Professional Development and Well-Being track. 

Gamifying Game Theory: Helping Students Reflect on the Lecture Before the Lecture

Mike Shor's session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit as a part of the Teaching Techniques and Demos track.

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VIDEO: What Happens in September? COVID-19 & Social Justice in Higher Education

Almost 900 viewers watched as university leaders, and educators shared their predictions on what will happen if schools return to campus in the fall.

“It’s the Love That Makes You Bend”

A UCLA professor tackles tough political, sociological, and human topics with her students, with an emphasis on service and hope during difficult times.

Dr. Payal Sharma Lecture: Game of Thrones vs. LBJ

Payal Sharma, PhD, assistant professor of business at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, visits Course Hero to present a master class on power.

Kelly Richmond Pope Lecture: Using an Edutainment Curriculum to Revamp Your Accounting Courses

Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope, accounting professor at Chicago’s DePaul University, shows the student engagement triggered by a hands-on, whodunit activity.

Kristen Rawlett Lecture: Service Learning in Nursing

Kristen Rawlett, PhD, of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, discusses service learning for nursing students at the Course Hero Nurse Educator Summit.

Michael Starbird Lecture: Exploring the Fourth Dimension

Dr. Michael Starbird, professor of mathematics at The University of Texas, Austin, shows how to bolster creativity by using analogy to build new concepts.

Katie Dawson Lecture: Active and Creative Teaching

Katie Dawson of The University of Texas at Austin lectures at Course Hero headquarters on tools for active and creative teaching, inside and outside the classroom.

Jeannice Samani Lecture: Integrated Learning

Dr. Jeannice Samani of Santa Clara University lectures at Course Hero headquarters on integrated learning.

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