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Ebook: Faculty Wellness: Strategies for Building Resilience & Finding Joy in Your Work

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Ebook: 4 Student Roles that Promote Collaborative Learning

Nicholas Panasik, PhD, shares strategies for collaborative learning using four specific student roles that help connect them to the material.

Ebook: Practices in Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Angel Montoya, EdD, offers resources and practical strategies for educators looking to create more inclusive and equitable classrooms.

Ebook: Practices in Digital Pedagogy: Evaluating Digital Tools

Jesse Stommel, PhD, provides practical guidance on evaluating the accessibility of digital tools, and how to make informed decisions when selecting tools for use in the classroom.

Teaching Webinars

Learn new strategies for assessing and engaging students.

Grading with Heart: Designing Authentic Assessments & Rubrics

No More Boring Tests: Engagement Tools in Remote Assessments

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Classroom Tips

35 Teaching Resources Recommended by Your Colleagues

We asked our community of educators to share their go-to resources for teaching and improving student engagement.

6 Tips for Improving Your Students’ Debate and Critical Thinking Skills

Thea Alvarado, EdD, has created a structure for in-class and online debates that inspire students to rethink their worldview.

Help Non-Traditional Students Succeed with Universal Design for Learning

This professor's approach combines her knowledge of special education and business in a way that meets a broad range of student needs.

6 Teachers on TikTok You Should Be Following

With millions of students on TikTok, it's the perfect channel for providing learning content. Here are 6 TikTok influencers that are helping college students and teachers learn and thrive in the classroom.

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What Is Faculty Club?

Faculty Club is a multi-disciplinary community of educators sharing ideas to advance innovation and celebrate excellence in higher education.