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Introverted Educators: Play to Your Strengths with a 1:1 Approach

Breaking down concepts and class groups—from big to medium to small—helps extroverts and introverts alike.

Build Business Acumen with a Board of Directors Presentation

To help students understand the dynamics of presenting a business plan, this instructor reached out to his LinkedIn network—with remarkable results.

Beat Impostor Syndrome in Online Learners with a Big Group Project

A two-part assignment provides students with the knowledge and confidence they will need to present findings to a board of directors.

Teach Investment Theory with Real-Time Stock Trading

Using an online stock-trading simulation helps students put theory into practice—with a safety net. The payoff for top performers? A grade boost.

Show the Importance of Questioning “the Facts” with a Simple Survey

A quiz with seemingly basic questions—how many chairs are in this room?—shows students that critical thinking is critically important.

Help Students Find Their Creative Voice with a Modeling Approach

Students learn to power through writer’s block by doing a deep dive into the works of three types of composers—and not just the famous ones.

Dispel Public-Speaking Fears with an Awards Presentation Assignment

This communication professor’s lesson empowers students to overcome their fears—and consider their lack of meaningful connections.­

Could This Cognitive Psychologist Change the Way You Teach?

When Dr. Michelle Miller saw there was a dearth of evidence on learning theory, she wrote the book on it—to the benefit of educators and students alike.

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Master Educators

We follow them into their classrooms, offices, and homes to understand how they inspire students and break down barriers to learning.

The 'Internet Girl' Of Colombia Connects Past and Present In The Classroom

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Our Community

Colin G. West, PhD

University of Colorado at Boulder


Jazmin Brown-Iannuzzi, PhD

University of Kentucky


Michael Strnad, DM

Moraine Valley Community College, in Palos Hills, Illinois


Bettyjo Bouchey, EdD

National Louis University in Chicago


Alexander Barinov, PhD

University of California, Riverside


David G. LoConto, PhD

New Mexico State University


Caroline KyungA Ahn, DM

Anderson University


Sherry Dean Rovelo, PhD

Richland College, Dallas

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Classroom Tips

15 Higher Education Podcasts that Pique Curiosity and Drive Innovation

Relevant and timely, these educator-created series offer insights into the tech, politics, sociology, and pedagogy affecting teachers today.

The Power of Perspective

Finding answers to complex problems and developing innovative ideas sometimes requires a big shift in perspective. The best solutions only emerge...

Bring Industry to the Classroom (and Vice Versa)

Two biomedical engineering professors share tips for building a bridge between academia and industry—with benefits for all involved.

Achieving Success in International Educational Partnerships

Should your school establish (or continue) study abroad programs? A three-time business school dean shares insights on six questions to consider first.

Reflections on the US PREP Design-Based Research Process

After engaging in a structured overhaul of a favorite course, this professor shares her steps, snags, and strategies that can be applied to any redesign.

A Meal-Sharing App That Targets Food Insecurity in College

Dispelling loneliness. Building community. Helping college students share extra meal swipes with hungry classmates. Yep: There's an app for that!

Remember Students’ Names with 5 Professor-Tested Strategies

We love all the new faces in class, but oh, all those names! Here, educators with 150+ students per semester share their eminently doable name-recall tricks.

Practice Quizzes Help Students Retain Key Facts—Now and at Work

A new study shows that recalling facts during a test—retrieval enhanced learning—reinforces long-term learning. We asked its lead researcher for details.

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Lecture Series

Phil Simon Lecture: 7 Questions About Big Data

Phil Simon of the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University explains Big Data, organizations using it, potential perils, and more.

Wiley & Schwaller Lecture: Basic Design for Creating Effective Visual Communication

Cynthia Wiley and Rachel Merrill-Schwaller of Grand View University explain how they use pop culture to explain basic design principles.

Maria Trujillo Lecture: Books or No Books? What Does the Global South Need?

Does the Global South benefit from the charity of the Global North? Dr. Maria Trujillo of Georgetown University provides a thought-provoking lecture.

Jadrian Wooten Lecture: The Economics Behind Student Behaviors

How can you use economic principles to motivate students to achieve academic goals? Penn State's Jadrian Wooten explains in this lecture.

Branch & Collins Lecture: What Is Marketing?

Dr. John Branch and Marcus Collins of the University of Michigan explore marketing and the culture that drives human decision-making and emotions.

Patrick Badolato Lecture: Using Accounting Basics to Boost Your Bank Account

Dr. Badolato, of UT Austin McComb School of Business, shares accounting basics and accounting principles that will help boost your bank account.

Jyoti Mohan Lecture: The Zong Trial

Dr. Jyoti Mohan lectures at Course Hero headquarters on the history of the slave ship Zong, the British trial, and the abolitionist activism it inspired.

Fabio Ambrosio Lecture: The Winners and Losers Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Professor Fabio Ambrosio lectures at Course Hero's headquarters on the impact of the most recent legislation on taxes.

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