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Teach Complex Science with Tech (and Caring)

By layering high- and low-tech instruction, Robert Belton, PhD, shows students he wants them to succeed—which helps them grasp anatomy and physiology.   

Use Yoga to Sink Deeper into Anatomy and Physiology Studies

In Dr. Carolina Priester’s independent study, students stretch their communication skills by creating training materials for prospective yoga instructors.

Teach Writing to STEM Students with a Request-for-Proposal Project

To sell technical students on the power of writing, Heather Riser, MA, provides a real-world exercise that teaches far more than good grammar.

5 Ways to Move Cell Biology Students Beyond the Memorizing Mindset

Dr. John Moore shares research-based tips that help biology students understand complex science—not just memorize facts.

5 Teaching Tweaks to Make the Most of Mastery-Based Learning

To help underrepresented students succeed in organic chemistry, Dwight Williams, PhD, switched up more than his grading approach.

Cinderella in Muscle Contraction: Teaching Anatomy with Stories

Anamika Basu, PhD, uses fairy-tales and analogies to help community college students understand Anatomy and Physiology course concepts.

4 Creative Biome Projects to Jazz Up Introductory Bio

Ciara Reyes-Ton, PhD, teaches biology with an artistic twist, having students write songs, invent creatures, and play Survivor in class.

Spread the Health: Community-Engaged Learning for Biology Students

Biology professor Debby Walser-Kuntz, PhD, shares two ways her biology students create helpful materials for the general public.

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Master Educators

We follow them into their classrooms, offices, and homes to understand how they inspire students and break down barriers to learning.

Professor Offers Radical Redefinition of Teaching in the 21st Century

University President Teaches Mathematics as Art—and Failure as Success

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Samantha Giordano-Mooga, PhD

The University of Alabama at Birmingham


John Moore, EdD

Taylor University in Upland, Indiana


Timothy Renick, PhD

Georgia State University


Jonathan Cabrera, MA

Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY


Mike Shor, PhD

University Of Connecticut


Jalaal Hayes, PhD

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania


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Teach TAs the ABCs of Classroom Presentation: Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity

Even the most enthusiastic teaching assistants may not know how to be engaging speakers. Biology professor Dr. Chuck Welsh offers them these tips.

Walk, Talk, Listen: Connecting with Students Outside the Classroom

Dr. Samantha Giordano-Mooga has found that getting to know her cell biology students as people can help motivate them to do their best work.

Start the Semester with These Study Tips from a Neuroscientist

Neuroscientist Nikki Sawyer, PhD, came up with “the ART of learning” to explain how the brain learns best—plus two tricks to help students study smarter.

ASU+GSV Session—WATCH: Believe It or Not: I Am a Better Teacher Now: The Unexpected Upside of Teaching in a Pandemic

This session, co-produced with Course Hero, took place during the 2020 ASU+GSV Summit.

The SURE Program: How Students Can Help Stimulate Urban Renewal

With students of all majors consulting for new entrepreneurs, accounting professor Saleha Khumawala ensures everyone comes out a winner.

6 Tips for Adding Value to Service-Learning Projects

Fernando Parra, PhD, shares how Service-Learning projects help his accounting students connect course objectives to community welfare.

Global Competency, Personal Happiness, and Other Reasons to Study Abroad

International education adviser Kristin Stasiowski, PhD, shares how to maximize the impact study abroad trips can have on students’ futures.

That’s Entertainment: 5 Ways to Make Virtual Classes Engaging

Anatomy and Physiology can be intimidating, especially online. By showing her human side, Kelli Roberts, MS, makes the class relatable—and fun.

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How I Use Course Hero as an Educator

See how educators across disciplines utilize Course Hero to help them innovate their curriculum to improve students’ learning experiences.

How I Use Course Hero as a Student

See how students across the country utilize Course Hero to help get them get unstuck and study more effectively.

DAY TWO: RESET — Student-Centered Teaching: Why We Need to Double Down on Data During COVID

Timothy Renick's session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit as a part of the general session.

Revolutionary Scholarship: The Bond Between Social Justice and the Classroom Experience

Jonathan Cabrera's session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit as a part of the State of Higher Education track.

Fighting Feedback Fear: Creative Techniques for Online Critiques

This session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit, from July 29-31, as a part of the Teaching Techniques and Demos track.

TailorEd: Student Learning Outcomes

This session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit, from July 29-31, as a part of the State of Higher Education track.

Teaching and Learning Center Meetup

Aditi Pai's session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit as a part of the Professional Development and Well-Being track. 

Gamifying Game Theory: Helping Students Reflect on the Lecture Before the Lecture

Mike Shor's session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit as a part of the Teaching Techniques and Demos track.

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VIDEO: What Happens in September? COVID-19 & Social Justice in Higher Education

Almost 900 viewers watched as university leaders, and educators shared their predictions on what will happen if schools return to campus in the fall.

“It’s the Love That Makes You Bend”

A UCLA professor tackles tough political, sociological, and human topics with her students, with an emphasis on service and hope during difficult times.

Dr. Payal Sharma Lecture: Game of Thrones vs. LBJ

Payal Sharma, PhD, assistant professor of business at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, visits Course Hero to present a master class on power.

Kelly Richmond Pope Lecture: Using an Edutainment Curriculum to Revamp Your Accounting Courses

Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope, accounting professor at Chicago’s DePaul University, shows the student engagement triggered by a hands-on, whodunit activity.

Kristen Rawlett Lecture: Service Learning in Nursing

Kristen Rawlett, PhD, of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, discusses service learning for nursing students at the Course Hero Nurse Educator Summit.

Michael Starbird Lecture: Exploring the Fourth Dimension

Dr. Michael Starbird, professor of mathematics at The University of Texas, Austin, shows how to bolster creativity by using analogy to build new concepts.

Katie Dawson Lecture: Active and Creative Teaching

Katie Dawson of The University of Texas at Austin lectures at Course Hero headquarters on tools for active and creative teaching, inside and outside the classroom.

Jeannice Samani Lecture: Integrated Learning

Dr. Jeannice Samani of Santa Clara University lectures at Course Hero headquarters on integrated learning.

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