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Alex Witkowski

Alex is a former English teacher and current community manager with a passion for people and their stories. If a concert is happening, he's probably there.

11 Online Teaching Tactics for Better Student Engagement

Course Hero gathered more than 120 college faculty to discuss their experiences with online teaching. These are some highlights from the event.

Teach Molecular Biology with Craft Supplies

Dr. Kamal Dulai has found that a pipe cleaner, beads, and a chance to work in three dimensions can help students understand protein structures.

Create a Sense of Urgency in the Classroom with Real-World Scenarios

This professor focuses labs on familiar health challenges in his students’ own community, making key scientific concepts more relatable and memorable.

Help Math Students Find Their Own Shortcuts

With this guided discovery activity, students dissect complex equations like advanced mathematicians do, deepening their own understanding of core concepts.

Promote Active Learning with Drama in the Classroom

This professor received critical acclaim from students when he replaced lectures and labs with student-led performances on how genes switch on and off.

Teach Real-World Skills with an Industry Simulation

When one web engineering professor saw that students lacked business savvy, he structured his class around teamwork and deliverables.

Ignite Curiosity with a “Movie Trailer” on Day One

At the semester’s start, a business professor models his lesson after a movie trailer, building excitement for an often dry subject: tax accounting.

Analyze Hip-Hop to Demystify the Writing Process

When her History of Hip-Hop students struggled with pre-writing, Cain created a guided ideation lesson to help them craft an album review in record time.

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