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Brian Fiske landed his first editing role when he told the executive editor interviewing him that, someday, he hoped to take her job. In the time since, he’s been a writer and editor for national consumer magazines, retailers, financial institutions, and more. If he isn’t parked in front of a computer, you’ll likely find him on a trail (hiking or biking), in his garage, or sending silly selfies to his daughter.

Solve for “Chalk and Talk” Teaching with a Dose of Technology

This professor’s solution to his troublesome hearing issue offered an unexpected benefit: It helped him better connect with his students during class.

Prep History Students for the Future with a Writing Workshop

Dr. Christopher E. Manning’s in-class workshops help students learn history and improve their writing chops by editing themselves and each other.

How to Use Face Time to Improve Communication in Hybrid Courses

This professor uses her research in organizational behavior to enhance student experiences in and out of the classroom.

Make Math Manageable with a Mastery-Based Method

Math did not come easily to this professor. By providing a path from Novice to Journeyman to Mastery, she helps students work through their struggles.

Engage All Learning Styles with an Integrated Lesson Plan

Alternative medicine instructor Adrian Isaza, DC, has blended VARK’s model and Bloom’s Taxonomy to make coursework more engaging for all students.

How to Teach Climate Geography by Analyzing a Real Air Disaster

This professor has students analyze the details of JFK Jr.’s plane crash to better understand how weather and geography can impact air travel.

Make Science Relatable by Editing Case Studies into Modern Stories

Can complicated science be made more interesting through storytelling? Upon analysis, this instructor has come to a solid conclusion: Yes.

Build Content Mastery Through Creativity with an Illustrative Review

This professor helps nursing students absorb the complexities of prescription medications by tapping into their artistic potential. 

Mimic Unpredictable Scenarios with an Evolving Case Study

To help future fitness pros flex their mental muscle, this instructor devised four-round case studies of clients whose needs are always changing.

Improve Class Discussion with a Quick Writing Exercise

By including writing warm-ups as a regular—and required—part of her course, this professor has found a way to keep students talking.

Teach Social Entrepreneurship to Engineers with a High-Stakes Overseas Project

By having them help a community in need, this professor teaches would-be entrepreneurs what it takes to succeed in the business world.

Beat Impostor Syndrome in Online Learners with a Big Group Project

A two-part assignment provides students with the knowledge and confidence they will need to present findings to a board of directors.

Dispel Public-Speaking Fears with an Awards Presentation Assignment

This communication professor’s lesson empowers students to overcome their fears—and consider their lack of meaningful connections.­

Teach Teachers to Teach with Intuition-Busting Clinical Interviews

By focusing on how problems are solved instead of simply solving problems, this instructor helps future teachers build intuitive skills in the classroom.

Change Student Perspectives with Professional Partnerships

This professor brings a touch of the real world to his marketing course by having students try their sales pitches on sales professionals.

Overcome Public-Speaking Fears with Scratch-Off Lottery Cards

The Socratic method singles out law students—and sends stress soaring. This professor found a calm, collaborative way to build argumentation skills.

Ease Student Fears of Subjective Grading in the Arts

When student performers voiced concerns that this instructor’s musical preferences could unfairly impact their grades, the educator created a new approach to evaluations.

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