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Diana Donovan

Diana Donovan is a freelance writer and marketing consultant with a BA with Honors from Brown University. She drinks three cups of black tea a day with milk and honey.

Get Out of the Lab to Find Real-World Experiences on Campus

To beat boredom and explain biosecurity, Sarah Balcom, DVM, lets her animal sciences students go “free range” on the campus farm and buildings.

How to Promote Work-Life Balance for Adult Students

As a former nontraditional student, Dr. Wanda Carr meets her adult learners’ needs with abbreviated courses, customized lessons, and plenty of empathy.

Expert Tips for Managing Student Lab Assistants

Mary Gobbett, MS, draws on 25 years of experience as a biology lab coordinator to help students evolve into project planners, team players, and leaders.

A Pediatric-Focused Service Learning Project for Nursing Students

To open nursing students’ eyes to the needs of children from underserved communities, Kristen Rawlett, PhD, FNP-BC, created an innovative clinic.  

7 Ways to Cultivate Compassion in the Classroom

For Dr. Amanda Sebastienne Grant, teaching students awareness of how they relate to others in society is the most important lesson in psychology.

Fight Research Fraud by Turning Scientists into Podcasters

To teach science students faultless research skills, Dr. Hilary Gaudet has them select a case of research fraud, then expose its faults in a podcast.

Foster International Conversations with Skype

To develop language skills and global connections, Stephanie Krueger, MA, pairs Spanish students in the US with English students in Mexico.

10 Ways to Use Universal Design to Help Language Learners Succeed

To make Spanish more accessible to all of her students, this professor drew inspiration from the ADA accessibility laws and modifications.

Using Tech to Make the Move to an Online Modular Curriculum

When his roster outgrew his classroom, this professor built a hybrid online course based on modules—and a wide range of technologies.

Plot Twist: Use Movie Scenes to Make Material Stick

The emotional tension of real-life stories and Hollywood movies help this law professor make complex concepts more relatable—and memorable.

Encourage Customer-Centric Thinking, Starting with a Moment of Struggle

This professor leverages the tools of applied psychology to help his students understand the unconscious and often irrational behavior that drives business decisions.

Spark Reflection on Learning Outcomes by Knowing What to Ask

The study of Islam involves subject matter that can be sensitive or difficult to digest. Reflective essays reveal areas where clarity or context is needed.

Teach Anatomy with 3-D Art

Questions around the effectiveness of using cat cadavers led this instructor to try a series of experiments. This is how she got from Point A to 3-D.

Overcome Anti-Math Bias with a Moment of Joy

Math, unlike life, has correct answers. This professor supports students every step of the way, so they can see the beauty in finding the solution.

Improve Group Project Accountability with a Guidebook

Working together is essential in science labs (and life). This biology professor's guide defines group project roles—and encourages everyone to join in.

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