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Laura Quaglio

Laura Quaglio has been writing since she could hold a crayon. Since then, she has written and edited for magazines, blogs, books and a few Hallmark gift books, though her recent work is done with computers, not Crayolas. When away from her desk, this wife, mother, and 2nd-degree black belt may be found crafting costumes for this year's high school musical.

Teach Outside the Box: The “Question Everything” Edition

Educators share how they inspire students to ask (and answer) more questions—and more types of questions—on their own.

Service Learning in Business Courses: 9 Project Ideas

Richard Kido, MBA, says service learning is part of his school’s accounting program. Here, ideas from his session at Course Hero Education Summit ’19.

Support a Growth Mindset in Students with the STEP Approach

Dr. Rebecca Campbell offers a plan for adopting a mindset of success for struggling students (and anyone else). From Course Hero Education Summit ’19.

5 Tips to Shut Down Digital Distraction in the Classroom

Dr. Ravi Nath, renowned researcher on digital distraction, uncovered actionable advice for educators in a session at the Course Hero Education Summit ’19.

“What’s in a Name?” A First-Day Activity to Foster Discussion and Deep Learning

Based on ed psych principles, this low-cost (and fun!) activity from Ellen Stohl, MS, helps students open up to one another—and primes them for learning.

4 Role-Playing Exercises That Open the Door to Difficult Conversations

In her Course Hero Education Summit ’19 session, Dr. Gaye Theresa Johnson demonstrated theatre-based activities to help students feel safe sharing ideas.

How to Educate with Empathy—Without Getting Worn Out

Educators explored 4 important topics during a multidisciplinary Course Hero Education Summit session led by biology professor Dr. Kimberly Lyle-Ippolito.

7 Higher-Ed Experts Share Their Tips for New Teachers

Educators at Dr. John DeJoy’s session at Course Hero Education Summit ’19 offer their best advice—earned from a collective 120-plus years of experience.

5 Effective Thinking Exercises from the Elective Everyone Loves

What will students remember from your course in 20 years? Dr. Edward Burger offers a few exercises in effective thinking that can be used for a lifetime.

Q&A: How Does Creative Puzzle-Solving Result in Effective Thinking?

University President Dr. Edward Burger’s insights on effective thinking, creative puzzle-solving, and intellectual regret—and why there is no “best” you.

Help Students Find Their Creative Voice with a Modeling Approach

Students learn to power through writer’s block by doing a deep dive into the works of three types of composers—and not just the famous ones.

Offset Stressful Field Work with Added Support Measures

For social work students, spending a month in a poor community overseas can be distressing. These educator interventions helped them through.

Guarantee Weekly Engagement with Required Online Posts

To humanize distance learning, this professor teaches netiquette, forms de facto study groups, and takes part in student discussions.

Cultivate Civic Engagement by Studying Local Food Insecurity

A community food assessment elevates experiential learning to a new level, taking students outside the classroom to view the real impact of inequities.

Turn Students into Travel Agents to Make Languages “Stick”

In real life, we talk, we don’t conjugate verbs. Sharing fun details in a new language helps students internalize—not just memorize—vocabulary.

Find Fun in Applied Science with a Messy Egg Drop Contest

This former softball coach combines two loves—science and competition—in a classroom experiment that helps freshmen get creative with science.

Reveal Media Bias with a Shocking “Who Said It?” Exercise

Even the most socially conscious students are shocked to find how difficult it is to differentiate between quotes from rapists and those of men’s magazines.

Empower Self-Reliant Learners with a Paradigm Shift on Grading

By diverging from language-teacher stereotypes, this professor has created assessments that empower students to be self-reliant, eager learners.

Ditch the Scantrons to Boost Intellectual Creativity

By promoting imagination (not memorization) to put managerial accounting principles to use, this professor boosts students’ future marketability.

Build Cultural Competence with a Quiz that Students Are Expected to Fail

This U of Michigan professor helps students of international marketing learn the nuances of culture by first helping them see how little they really know.

“Chemical” Is Not a Dirty Word

What does an organic chemistry professor do when his kids hate chemicals? Dr. Garg's colorful solution shows them a new way to look at the world.

Help Study Groups Bond with Music Videos

This UCLA professor breaks down barriers of competitiveness in his 350-seat organic chemistry class, using a musical extra-credit project.

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