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8 Powerful Quotes from Educators at Course Hero’s Faculty Event

On April 13, 2022, Course Hero hosted “Rising Together: Effective Assessment for Students and Teachers,” a half-day forum exploring today’s challenges and opportunities related to assessment, grades, inclusion, and academic integrity. More than 3,000 educators, students, and administrators from more than 100 countries worldwide registered for the event; and talks from leaders in the fields of design, pedagogy, and learning science led to brilliant, insightful discussions throughout the day. 

We’ve gathered here just a few highlights from those talks, along with links to view the presentations themselves. It was an exciting half-day of knowledge sharing and community building!

“This work of inclusion is never complete. It’s a value, never a checklist.”

– Jess Mitchell, Senior Manager, OCAD University


“Reflecting on our practice is an amazing process. I think a lot of us now are really being challenged on how we teach and how our students are responding to our work.”

– Fabiola Torres, Professor of Ethnic Studies, Glendale Community College


“There are so many ways our institutions are authorizing our collaboration by pitting us against one another, pitting staff and faculty against one another, by having us compete for very scarce resources, so we have to find ways to get together to solve the issue.”

Jesse Stommel, Co-Founder, Digital Pedagogy Lab and Hybrid Pedagogy


“To what extent is collaboration cheating or not? I think we have to redefine what that means because it is different now than it was before just because we have access to technology.”

Norma Hernandez, Executive Director Wisconsin Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, University of Wisconsin-Madison


“The ability to connect with one another and exist and focus on human well-being—that is going to be fundamental to our success as a society.”

– Kaiya Schroeder, Online Teaching & Learning Librarian, Auraria Library


“We can’t always think about the workplace and classroom as two separate places…we’re going to start thinking of the workplace as the classroom of the future.”

– Michelle Weise, Vice-Chancellor of Strategy and Innovation, National University System


“I would never ask anyone to be really good at baseball by taking a multiple-choice exam. There’s a difference between knowing and doing.”

– Roy Choquette, Director of Education and Learning Experience Design, Rad Roller


“It is really important to me that assessment is seen as an opportunity for students to share their voice, what is meaningful for them. We really use it as an opportunity to celebrate the growth within their learning journey.”

– Laura Summers, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver

Watch all the sessions on-demand from Rising Together.

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