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Helping Educators and Students in a Time of Need 

Course Hero CEO Andrew Grauer shares how the company is reaching out to educators and students as they face unprecedented challenges brought on by COVID-19.

As we all are changing the way we live, work, and teach, we believe in and are committed to staying connected in our communities. Educators who have never done so before are starting to teach online in a matter of days, with little to no preparation. Students are disconnected from classes, housing, employment, and—in many cases—even their next meal.

Students and educators are also acting with generosity, kindness, and resilience. Instructors are offering advice and resources to colleagues on their campuses and off, within their disciplines and beyond. It’s an uncertain time. We want to do what we can to help.

Beginning immediately, we are offering targeted, free resources so educators can use the Course Hero platform for support during this difficult time. As a company, we’re taking the following actions to support our community in this time of need: 

  • Extending complimentary access. All verified educators on Course Hero will have three months of access to our document library of more than 40 million teaching and learning resources. Get started here.
  • Offering free access to a Fundamentals of Online Teaching course. We’ve partnered with the learner experience design experts at iDesign to make their popular course on Online Teaching available to educators for free. The content is broken down into five short competency-based lessons that are backed by peer-reviewed research and are student centered, with the goal of helping educators make the transition to digital teaching. Get started here.
  • Implementing digital office hours. Thanks to generous support from a number of faculty who have volunteered their time, we’re setting up “office hours” on Course Hero to facilitate connections between educators who request assistance and those who are able to provide it. Get started here.

We are collaborating with experts like Dr. Barbara Oakley and Michael Feldstein, and tapping into the expertise of the Empirical Educator Project, as we think about the most thoughtful and high-impact ways to engage and support our community. Together, we’ll be curating resources that educators find valuable and helpful and encouraging educators who have online resources and expertise to share.

We are also setting up emergency support for students.  We’re making a $200,000 initial investment in Student Emergency Aid, beginning with a partnership with Edquity, to deliver relief to students in need. We hope you can pass along this resource to your students.

If you can offer your advice to others, or if you are in need of advice from others, we sincerely hope to hear from you. Please reach out to us at  [email protected].

We are all in this together. Be safe.

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