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Ebook: The Power of Self-Assessment: How to Help Students with the REDO Technique


As an Ungrading practitioner in Ethnic Studies, second chances (or third or fourth chances…) are part of each learning activity to encourage curiosity, creativity, risk-taking— and even being unafraid to make mistakes vs. just “getting the grade.”

Building in second chances, or revisions, gives students a sense of security and the confidence to make a mistake— and learn from it. If a student in my class does not meet the assignment criteria, they receive a REDO: Reflect. Edit. Discover. Observe.

When students are given a chance to share how they improved from their revision, their self-assessment reveals their own areas of improvement and makes them feel more confident (The “I feel smart” moment).

Instead of giving negative feedback or a “low grade,” empower students to learn from a self-assessment technique I call REDO: Reflect, Edit, Discover, and Observe.

Designing a space for students to Reflect, Edit, Discover, and Observe their own performance enables students to articulate their own learning patterns and strategies, and identify obstacles. This method fostered my ability to provide individualized instruction and augmented the mutual teacher-student relationship.

Fabiola Torres
Department Chair of Ethnic Studies
Glendale Community College

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