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We Teach Better When We Teach Together

Welcome to a collection of best lessons, classroom tips, and practical strategies shared by Course Hero’s multidisciplinary faculty community.

The first time I walked into a classroom, I knew one thing right away: The students in that room needed me to be as good a teacher as I could be. And what followed that realization was another one, just as formative: That I had no idea what I was doing.

Twenty-some years later, I still find myself guessing a lot of the time. How do I know if a student is really engaging? How can I make every class into an opportunity? Teaching is a profession we get good at, and that we can always be better at. Which means we can sometimes be really hard on ourselves, too.

Teachers need community. As the director of Digital Pedagogy Lab, I worked to develop a global community of educators who can help, support, and inspire one another. Because we not only learn better when we learn together, but we teach better when we support each other. 

Educators have always amazed me. We don’t see ourselves as leaders very often, but we are each better leaders than we give ourselves credit for. We pour vast amounts of heart and energy into researching and building curriculum that seeks to inspire, to liberate.

Knowing how to connect with students authentically is an enviable skill, and it’s one that comes naturally only to a select, fortunate few. There is so much that we as a community of instructors can learn from one another, no matter how long we’ve been in this profession. 

That’s why I’m excited to welcome you to Faculty Club.

Here you’ll find a collection of nearly 600 (and growing) best lessons, classroom tips, and practical strategies shared by Course Hero’s multidisciplinary faculty community.

Consider it a recipe book of activities and experiments that worked. The best part about recipes is that by adding your own flavor, you can turn something that’s already great into something even better.

Sean Michael Morris
Vice President, Academics
Course Hero

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