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Ebook: 4 Student Roles that Promote Collaborative Learning

Nicholas Panasik, PhD, shares strategies for collaborative learning using four specific student roles that help connect them to the material.

Ebook: Practices in Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Angel Montoya, EdD, offers resources and practical strategies for educators looking to create more inclusive and equitable classrooms.

Ebook: Practices in Digital Pedagogy: Evaluating Digital Tools

Jesse Stommel, PhD, provides practical guidance on evaluating the accessibility of digital tools, and how to make informed decisions when selecting tools for use in the classroom.

Ebook: Cultivating a Sense of Belonging in Your Classes

Lalaine Sevillano, PhD, shares practical strategies for empowering students, creating an inclusive classroom, and fostering community.

Ebook: How to Help Students Bridge Cultural Gaps

Nicole Young, PhD, provides a series of exercises to help broaden students’ appreciation of diverse perspectives and responses.

Ebook: Modality Matters: Building Course Experiences with Care and Confidence

Martha Burtis of Plymouth State University shares teaching strategies for building course experiences with intention across modalities.

Ebook: Creating a Syllabus Your Students Will Read

Stephanie Speicher, PhD, shares five principles of humanizing syllabus design and provides a checklist for teachers to design syllabi that generate curiosity for course content.

Ebook: Pedagogies of Care: The Human Work of Course Design

Jesse Stommel, PhD, provides an activity book that will help teachers understand the intersections of inclusive design, critical pedagogy, and the practice of teaching today’s students.

Ebook: Practical Strategies for Culturally Responsive Teaching

Jill Purdy, EdD, shares several essential components of culturally responsive teaching, such as funds of knowledge and Universal Design for Learning.

Ebook: Build Deliberate Practice in Your Students—in Any Course

Ben Wiggins, PhD, shares how he leverages evidence-based techniques to provide opportunities for students to practice critical skills in a low-stakes but high-impact format.

Ebook: Teaching Your Students with Care in a Volatile World

Alka Arora, PhD, shares how faculty can better respond to and support students’ needs as they contend with challenging world events.

Ebook: Accessibility Tips for Invisible Barriers in Class

Malynda Mabbitt, EdD, shares how teachers can help students with invisible barriers feel empowered and motivated, even on their most challenging days.

Ebook: The Power of Self-Assessment: How to Help Students with the REDO Technique

Fabiola Torres provides strategies for students to Reflect, Edit, Discover, and Observe their own performance so they can articulate their own learning patterns and identify obstacles.

Ebook: 3 Effective TikTok Projects to Engage Your Students

Angelita Howard, EdD, MBA-PM, MA, outlines three TikTok classroom project ideas she uses with her students to improve engagement.