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Ebook: Accessibility Tips for Invisible Barriers in Class

Accessibility is a very personal topic for me. 

Growing up with severe depression and anxiety, coupled with Fibromyalgia and migraines, I struggled in school and had to find my own ways to approach coursework.

These were my “invisible” barriers—the physical and mental challenges that millions of us struggle with on a daily basis…and yet remain unseen by our peers and colleagues.

For students who are trying to earn their degree while juggling all their other commitments, invisible barriers can make learning and studying feel like untenable burdens.

So how can we as faculty empower and support students with invisible barriers?

Let’s explore invisible barriers students face in class—and how you can help your students feel empowered and motivated, even on their most challenging days.


Malynda Mabbitt

Learning Designer II

South Dakota State University