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Ebook: Practical Strategies for Culturally Responsive Teaching

As a teacher educator, I see the changing dynamics of our classrooms and the challenges of meeting the needs of all our students daily.

I teach at a small liberal arts college with a diverse population. Our faculty has embraced diversity and equity by accepting the challenge of culturally responsive teaching (CRT) with intention.

I want to share some of our successes in the hopes that you can use them to shape your own CRT.

From a practical perspective, I will introduce, reinforce, and supplement your skills with ideas to implement into your course and instruction. I will also discuss several essential components of CRT, such as funds of knowledge and Universal Design for Learning.

Intentionality begins with honoring the students’ lived experience and the integration of this experience into your teaching environment. As we look further into the course design, we will discuss CRT strategies within the syllabus, course content, and evaluation/assessment.

Ready to accept the challenge?


Jill Purdy, EdD

Professor and Chair of the Education Department

Cedar Crest College