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TailorEd: Student Learning Outcomes

This session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit, from July 29-31, as a part of the State of Higher Education track.


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Session Title: TailorEd: Student Learning Outcomes


Navid Shaghaghi, Lecturer of Math and Computer Science, Santa Clara University

Julia Voss, Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, Santa Clara University

Andres Calle, Graduate Student, Santa Clara University

Date and Time: Thursday, July 30th, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM PDT

Format: Presentation

Session Details: In this session we will present TailorEd: A custom image recognition neural network applied to imagery of select classroom environments coupled with student demographic and grade data in a study of the effects of pedagogical practices and classroom technologies on learning. We will start with the motivation behind this project and explain how we have gathered our data, guide the attendees through a human qualitative data coding practice via a hands on exercise, introduce our Classroom Configuration Identifier (CCID) image classifier neural network via a live demo, share our preliminary results and explain our data modeling procedure, demo our resulting web tool for educators, and end by delineating the project’s future steps.

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