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13b_Ethnic_Conflict Ethnic Conflict: A Sociological Interpretation This lecture was recorded live. You can take notes in Word as you listen to the audio file. Be sure to save the page when you finish. Audio File (running time: 43:55) 1. Play this mp3 file from your audio folder Use this link only if you've transferred audio files to your computer from a CD . 2. Play this streaming REAL audio file You can listen to this lecture online with your media player. 3. There are several ways of saving and accessing these downloads. I'll address two questions in this lecture: 1) How do we study ethnicity from a sociological perspective? We do it comparatively, and also. .. -categorization (What is the limitation of this approach?) DOESN'T SHOW WHY -the study of path dependence (What makes historical analysis sociological? The answer is that sociologists focus on INSTITUTIONS .) -From Thomas Sowell's book Race and Culture: Jewish and Italian immigrants came to the US in large numbers at about the same time. But the outcomes were different for many of their children. What caused these outcomes to be different? JEWS WENT TO HARVARD, ITALIANS DIDN'T. 2) Why is there so much ethnic conflict in the world? (A great deal of the following discussion is based on Beverly Crawford's article "The Causes of Cultural Conflict," in Beverly Crawford and Ronnie D. Lipschutz, eds., The Myth of "Ethnic Conflict" [Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1998]). What marks ethnic conflicts unusual, relative to other wars, and separates them from
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13b_Ethnic_Conflict - 13b_Ethnic_Conflict Ethnic Conflict:...

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