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test 1 study guide

test 1 study guide - 1 Relationship between religions and...

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1) Relationship between religions and death? -Religion seeks to counter death 2) How do religions oppose death? -Christianity- Eternal life through Christ -Islam- Eternal life for the faithful -Judaism- Life after death -Daoism- Immortality through extending this life -Hinduism/Buddhism- freedom from rebirth -Confucianism- Immortality 3) Buddhist 3 points of death -Death is definite -Time of death is indefinite -The only thing that will help is religious practice 4) Knowledge and belief -Everything that is known is believed; everything that is believed is not always known. 5) Belief and faith -All faith is belief, but not all belief is faith 6) Various objects of faith -Religion is faith based. Books, places, people, idols, practices, experiences 7) Is it possible to know something that does not exist? -No, but we must allow for the possibility of it existing 8) What does it mean to say that in order for a religious system to be effective it must accord with reality? -Anything that relies on false assertions would not lead people to freedom 9) If we do not know something or if something is merely a matter of faith, is it fair to conclude impossibility? -No 10) Carl Sagan -No evidence of God is not evidence of no God 11) Five attributes that one should look for in world religions -Explanation of self -Explanation of divine -Mythology -Ritual -Ethics
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