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midterm 1 study guide - People: Family of Odysseus Laertes-...

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People: Family of Odysseus Laertes- Father Penelope- Wife Telemachus- Son Eumaius- Odysseus’ swineherd/friend Eurycleia- Housekeeper Phemius- Poet who forsees Odysseus’ return Other: Tiresias- Prophet Family of Agamemnon Atreus- King, father of Agamemnon and Menelaus Agamemnon- son of Atreus Menelaus- son of Atreus, his wife Helen was kidnapped by Paris Clytaemnestra- wife of Agamemnon, kills him Iphigenia- daughter of Agamemnon, sacrificed to appease Artemis Orestes- son of Agamemnon, slays his mother and Aegisthus Electra- sister of Orestes Helen- Wife of Menelaus Thyestes- Atreus’ brother, fed him his own sons Aegisthus- son of Thyestes and Pelopia Calchas- prophet, said Agamemnon will sacrifice Iphigenia Cassandra- Trojan princess, sister of Paris, daughter of Priam/Hecuba Antinuous/Eurymachus- Suitors Nestor- Argonaut, fought against Trojans in Trojan war. Lives in Pylos, visited by Telemachus in the search for Odysseus Neoptolemus/Pyrrhus- Achilles’ son, murders Priam/Hecuba’s son. Murdered by Orestes. Phaeacians Alcinous- King, welcomes Odysseus after being shipwrecked Arete- Wife of Alcinous Nausicaa- Mother figure to Odysseus Demodocus- Poet in King Alcinous’ court Lotus-eaters Circe- Goddess living in Aeaea- turns Odysseus’ men into pigs, falls for Odysseus because he resists the potion with moly Calypso- Nymph- lived on Ogygia, imprisoned Odysseus for 7 years Laistrygonians-Giants Cyclops- Polyphemus Island of the Sun- Helius Charybdis- Daughter of Poseidon and Gaia, sea monster that creates whirlpools Scylla- 6 headed sea monster
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Sirens Medea- Wife of Jason, eventually kills him and her sons Jason- Husband of Medea, leaves Medea for Creon of Corinth’s daughter Trojans Priam and Hecuba -Hector, hero of the war, killed by Achilles -Paris, carried off Helen and started the war -Cassandra, Paris’ sister -Troilus, killed by Achilles -Helenus- slave wife of Pyrrhus -Laocoon- priest of Neptune, strangled with his sons by sea monsters after throwing a spear at the Trojan horse -Sinon- traitor to Troy, Trojan Horse -Carthage -Dido- First queen of Carthage, falls in love with Aeneas, supposed to be loyal to Sychaeus Commits suicide after Aeneas leaves -Iarbas- Dido’s African suitor Gods/Goddesses Saturn- Agriculture and Harvest Jupiter/Zeus- sky/thunder Juno/Hera- marriage, Zeus’ wife Pluto/Orcus- Hades- evil Persephone- Queen of the underworld Neptune/Poseidon- God of the sea Proteus- son of Poseidon Aeolus Mars/Ares- God of war Venus/Aphrodite- Goddess of Love Vulcan/Hephaistos- God of technology Mercury/Hermes- Messenger God Minerva/Athena- Goddess of heroic endeavor
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midterm 1 study guide - People: Family of Odysseus Laertes-...

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