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Focus exercise 6 - STAT 210 FOCUS EXERCISE 6 1 Determine...

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Unformatted text preview: STAT 210 FOCUS EXERCISE 6 1. Determine the equation of the regression line that can be used to predict the “current enrollment” from the “number of years since founding”. Note the sums given on the attached page (and you may use some of your calculations from Focus Exercise 5). Slope = Sxy/Sxx = -1,239,196.6/113,320.967 = -10.935 Intercept = mean of Y - slope x mean of X = 5353.6 - (-10.935 x 116.367) = 6626.073 Equation: Y = 6626.073 - 10.935x 2. In words specific to this problem, interpret what the intercept and slope values calculated in question 1 mean. As the years since founding increases by 1, the current enrollment of the institution goes down by 10.935. The intercept value means that if the years since founding is equal to zero, the institution will have 6,626 people. 3. Consider the observations for the University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Virginia Tech, all with current enrollments above 24,000. Using the definitions defined in class, what type of observations are all with current enrollments above 24,000....
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