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Julian Orozco Suzanne Martinez English 101E 18 March 2020 OITNB Response In these three chapters, Piper explained a little bit how is the prison life. She summarizes a big part of prison life in one phrase in page 84, “prison is all about waiting in line”. This can be clearly be evidenced when she talks about the lines to get the daily meals, to take a shower or to do laundry. Other part of prison life is the hierarchy. Normally, the older people or the ones that have been more time in prison are the ones with more hierarchy. In prison, that can allow them to avoid some lines or have better jobs. An example of this is when Natalie woke Piper up earlier,
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Unformatted text preview:before the laundry opened, so she could make her laundry before anyone else and avoid the big line. Other important thing about prison life was the official and unofficial rules, schedules or rituals that she had to learn quickly in order to adapt or survive in prison. Like she said in page 56, "learn them quickly or suffer the consequences". Further in the book, she provides a case in which this "rituals" occurs. For example, in pages 82 and 83, Piper explain how the prisoners with more hierarchy, like Pop, send an emissary to check if "her" shower was free or for make the line. At the end, prison is based in hierarchy and respect.