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STAT 210 FOCUS EXERCISE 11 A dedicated staff has been hired to satisfy the directives as set forth by the Code of Virginia. Of interest is to estimate the mean age of the SCHEV staff. A simple random sample of 27 SCHEV employees is selected, and their ages determined. The data is given below. 39 47 60 71 42 58 67 38 50 64 27 43 59 68 30 44 54 63 32 49 58 49 59 53 45 54 54 1. (a). Construct a graph (learned earlier this semester) to display this data. See attached page. (b). Use the graph to describe the distribution. Shape: Normal Center: Mean = 51 Spread: 44 Unusual Features: None (c). List the two assumptions required for all statistical inference problems that we have discussed. Simple random sample, normal distribution (d). Based on your answers in parts (a) and (b), are the assumptions necessary to perform a statistical inference satisfied? Indeed they are. 2. Use the data above to estimate the mean number age of all SCHEV staff using a 95% confidence interval. Interpret the interval you calculate.
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