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STAT 210 FOCUS EXERCISE 12 1. Of interest is to estimate the proportion of all students who contact SCHEV that attend the Virginia Community College system (code C ). The goal is to do this by calculating a 95% confidence interval with margin of error no larger than .07. What is the minimum sample size required that guarantees that this can be done? Note that the data presented in question 2 cannot be used to solve this question. 0.07 = 1.960 x sqrt (0.5(1-0.5)/n) n = 196 2. SCHEV obtained a simple random sample of 200 students who have contacted them and determined which of the five types of institutions they attend. Using the codes listed above, the results were as follows. 4 = 96/200 = 0.48 2 = 12/200 = 0.06 C = 44/200 = 0.22 P = 42/200 = 0.21 V = 6/200 = 0.03 For each of the five institution types listed above, determine the proportion of the sample of 200 students who fall in each category. Note that these proportions, when added together, should sum to 1. 3.
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