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03a_Culture Culture You can take notes in Word as you listen to the audio file. Be sure to save the page when you finish. Audio File (running time: 39:12) 1. Play this mp3 file from your audio folder Use this link only if you've transferred audio files to your computer from a CD . 2. Play this streaming REAL audio file You can listen to this lecture online with your media player. 3. Download & play this mp3 file There are several ways of saving and accessing these downloads. Divergent perspectives regarding culture Lecture part 1 If we go back to the mid-nineteenth century, we find that BIOLOGICAL DETERMINANCE held great sway. Both Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer believed that BIOLOGY RULED . This line of thinking led directly to HITLER'S THEORIES . Toward the end of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth, there was another school of thought that also became prominent. That school of thought is often called SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONISM . Those who held this view believed that SURROUNDINGS AFFECT PEOPLE had predominant influence over who we are and what kinds of people we become (Emile Durkheim). In psychology, John Watson and B.F. Skinner emphasized THE ENVIRONMENT AND ITS INFLUENCE ON OUR BEHAVIOR . As B.F. Skinner sees it, if you wrote a poem, or if I wrote a poem, on some subject, the difference between our poems would be WHERE WE LIVE . In anthropology, Franz Boas at Columbia University had a similar idea, and came up with the concept of CULTURAL RELATIVISM . According to this idea, cultures are INFINITELY PLASTIC . (Know what the concept of "cultural relativism" means.) Structuralism is represented by such analysts as Noam Chomsky, Jean Piaget and Claude Lévi- Strauss. The idea here is that
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03a_Culture - 03a_Culture Culture You can take notes in...

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