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vanilla vs chocolate - Paper Vanilla ice cream INGREDIENTS...

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Paper – Vanilla ice cream INGREDIENTS : milk, cream, skim milk, sugar, corn syrup , natural flavor, cellulose gum , mono and diglycerides , guar gum , carrageenan , annatto color , dextrose Nutritional facts Amount per 1/2 Cup Calories Calories from Fat 140 70 Total Fat Saturated Fat Trans Fat 8 (g) 4.5 (g) (g) Cholesterol 25 (mg) Sodium 35 (mg) Total Carbohydrates 15 (g) Dietary Fiber 0 (g) Sugars 13 (g) Protein 2 (g) Calcium 6 % Kosher Gluten-Free Nut Allergen-Free T he orchid family (Orchidaceae) is the second largest family of flowering plants with approximately 20,000 species. Some estimates for the size of this family are higher, but the sunflower family (Asteraceae) is now considered the largest with nearly 24,000 species. With the exception of numerous varieties of exquisitely beautiful blossoms which are sold commercially, the only economically important product in this great plant family is the delicious spice known as vanilla. Vanilla comes from several species of perennial vines of the genus Vanilla native to Mexico and tropical America. The vines commonly climb on the trunks of trees or poles by means of adventitious (aerial) roots. The primary source of commercial vanilla comes from V. planifolia , also listed in many references as V. fragrans . Another lesser known species is West Indian vanilla ( V. pompona ). The Aztecs originally used vanilla as a flavoring for chocolate, and the Spanish conquerers carried it back to Europe where it was used for this same purpose.
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V anilla extract is obtained from the unopened seed capsules (called vanilla beans) which superficially resemble bean pods. The unopened pods are picked when the color changes from green to yellow. The pods are placed in the sun for up to five hours, then they are tightly wrapped in blankets and placed in airtight boxes to sweat. This process is repeated for up to 36 days. During this
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