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Whitney McNamara Jonathan Loucks Seminar in Composition 3/15/07 Essay 4 I have to regretfully state that I do not agree with Joyce Coral Oates’s introduction to what art should be. I guess that doesn’t come as such a jaw-dropper considering the extreme variations that art can be defined as by individuals. I do agree that art should ‘provoke, disturb” etcetera, but I do feel that good art can be comforting. What sometimes draws me to a certain art work is something in which I can relate. For example, a painting with some vast smoky brushstrokes in an overcast sky or the miserable expression on a man’s face, can pull at my inner esoteric, morbid strings that compel me to feel connected to the artist. I sort of melt into comfort and that piece of art ‘moves’ me and makes a lasting imprint in my head more than something in which I find no connection to, something that feel like it couldn’t be a part of me. Of course this doesn’t mean I must relate to the art to appreciate it, but that’s a whole other topic entirely. Similarly, when I read an author’s work, I immediately look for connections, a certain phrase or memory that I can read and feel like the work was almost written so I could read it one day and feel temporarily completed; that someone, at one time, felt a particular way or experienced something as I have that I cannot myself describe so perfectly as the author himself. And now as I write this paper it occurs to me that ironically, what ‘provokes, disturbs” me is my comfort. I have people all around me, sharing similar laughs over an inside joke, people taking fresh breathes of the new spring air with relief and joy the
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same way I do. Like most of my peers, I am happy when class is cancelled or mildly entertained when a certain pop celebrity becomes slightly deranged and shaves her hair off. I can share my happiness and feelings of mundane daily activities with many people around me. What I find harder to relate to is the side of me, the actually slightly larger side of me, which is darker, deeper. I am subconsciously and perpetually looking for someone; a friend, writer, singer/lyricists, teacher, anyone to somehow say something profound or dark that I can listen to and think “Yes! Exactly!” In this class, when I am asked to find a writer in which I want to emulate, I look for writing that is not particularly of proportional talent, but a writer that reminds me of myself or like I said previously,
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essay 4 - Whitney McNamara Jonathan Loucks Seminar in...

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