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AAS Woodson - Kyria Jones AAS 201 Woodson Book Summary The...

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Kyria Jones 10/2/07 AAS 201 Woodson Book Summary The Seat of Trouble In this chapter Woodson actually breaks down what he means by “The Mis-Education of The Negro”. He explains how educated African Americans are socialized to believe that they are inferior. The education system in America teaches them that their black face is a curse. The school system in America is not adequately preparing the African American students. It’s teaching them skills that they will not have the opportunity to use. As a result it’s creating a class of people that are lost. They are “educated” however they are not provided with an opportunity to utilize their knowledge and they have no skills. It’s a lose-lose situation. They are taught to hate themselves and their people yet they have no outlet because they fear their oppressor. How We Missed the Mark This chapter speaks on the debate of how African Americans should be educated after slavery. Some people felt they should get “classical education” while others thought that training in a skill was necessary. Woodson argues that neither was effective. The classical education didn’t provide them with apprenticeships and the the trades they were taught were no longer in use. How We Drifted Away From The Truth Woodson explains how whites degrade every race according to how different they look from the white race. Blacks, of course, being at the very bottom of the social ladder are propagated as savages. Any ethnic group that did not actively assist in dominating other
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ethnic groups is belittled. African Americans are not in history books; Africa is not mentioned unless it’s negative. He goes on to speak of the many accomplishments of Africans that you would never be taught in American schools. Education Under Outside Control Even in black schools African Americans are taught to despise themselves. They are still taught that whites are superior and deserve more respect than themselves. Woodson proposes that we have instructors that understand and sympathize with their students.
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