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team 5 - Social Science Team November 13, 2007 Civil War...

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Social Science Team November 13, 2007 Civil War and the Establishment of the People’s Republic of China I. First United Front – 1923-1927 – Sun-Jaffe Manifesto 1923 joining together of the nationalists and communists with original goal of kicking foreigners out of China. Soviets supported this because they assumed this would weaken foreign economies and hasten the development of foreign revolution. a. Nationalists (Guodimang) and C.C.P. b. Northern expedition was military expedition going north to defeat foreigners and warlords so that China could be reunited under Sun Yatsen. But, he dies of cancer so the original goals of the party will be changed. There is a power vacuum and the next leader is Jang Kai-shek. Kai-shek had gone to Moscow and learned to hate the communists. He changed the plans of the northern expedition and only attacks warlords from 1925- 1937. In an attempt to unify China they take territory from warlords and 1927 establish new government in Nanjing called New Republic of China. 1927 ended Northern expedition with “white terror”. As his troops move into cities that had been controlled by the communists he decided to attack the communists instead of attacking the British sending them fleeing to the mountains. II. Nationalist’s Decade (1927-1937) – Republic of China ruled by Guodimang and Kai-shek a. Characteristics – high degree of western influence, support of westernized Chinese, upper classes and gentry; relative neglect of the rural areas (where the peasants lived); continued problems and tensions between the government in Nanjing and warlords who still remained; heavy sights of western and Japanese encroachment and lack of control over large sections of China i. After 1927 changes his strategy to make himself look more
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team 5 - Social Science Team November 13, 2007 Civil War...

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