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team 4 - Social Science Team November 6, 2007 Development...

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Social Science Team November 6, 2007 Development of Nationalist and Communist Parties The Early Years (1895 through WWI ~1920s) Introduction: In 1895 revolutionaries emerging in China. Their original goal to cause either the abdication of the Qing Emperor or get rid of the Qing Dynasty all together. That comes about in 1911. I. Early Nationalist Party (Guomindong) a. Sun Yatsen = founder – started off as a revolutionary whose goal was to overthrow the Dynasty. He was forced to leave the country. Relatively well-educated man but he did not study for the Confucian exams because his family was so poor. He founded the nationalist party in 1905. With the end of the exam system a lot of the intelligentsia joined him. b. “Three Principles of the People” – 1902 comes up with ideas (READER – audience is other Chinese who had been forced to travel abroad like him) i. Nationalism – the most important issue; China is described as a “heap of loose sand” – there appears to be no glue holding the Chinese people together or there is no nationalism. He’s amazed that places like Belgium or the United States have people who identify with their nations. In China, people identify with their family or clam but not with the nation. He is blaming Confucianism. Last paragraph argues that even in a Confucian society there is a place for nationalism. Wanted to kick the foreigners out of China. 1. “Hypo-colony” – Chinese government still in place despite the fact part of it had been carved up and taken by foreign nation. Yatsen thinks being a hypo-colony is worse than being a complete colony because in times of catastrophe the mother country will take care of the colony, but in hard
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team 4 - Social Science Team November 6, 2007 Development...

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