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Final ID's - Fall 07 SS 201 Final December 17, 2007 Week 12...

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Fall 07 SS 201 Final December 17, 2007 Week 12 Thought reform Remolding ideology in order to incorporate talents of businessmen and intellectuals and members of the nationalist party. Done under the New Democracy movement Forced nationalist to admit their mistakes, brainwashed them New Democracy Popular participation in economy to industrialize as fast as possible Includes thought reform and The 3-anti movement, against: corruption, waste, and bureaucracy, all associated with the nationalist party Agricultural producers cooperatives (APCS) Lower Familes pooled together into a single economic unit Was voluntary, and the harvest the divided based on work output Shared tools and fertilizer, etc. Higher Paid by labor, no private property CCP provided tools and fertilizer 97% of Chinese in acps Hundred Flower’s Campaign Mao was confident about hi accomplishments Asked for the peoples feelings Received extreme criticism Arrested them, called them rightist, and forced them to work on apcs “Leaning to One Side” Speech of mao referring to leaning with the Russians and socialism Put Americans into a worry 5-year plan 52-59 Industrialization plan, increased steel and coal output Turned into GLP, great leap forward Great Leap Forward 58-9 Rapid industrialization to catch up with west, successful in producing in quantity, but quality was sacrificed
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Established communes in which 30 apcs functions as a single unit and gov. had
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Final ID's - Fall 07 SS 201 Final December 17, 2007 Week 12...

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