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Christopher Hoar Summary Questions 1. (A) True 2. (A) True 3. (B) False 4. (D) All of the Above 5. (C) FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency 6. Businesses, Households, and Government Agenesis Review Questions 1. Emergency Management is applying science, technology planning and management to deal with extreme events that can injure or kill large numbers of people, do extensive damage to property, and disrupt community life. 2. A hazard is a source of potential danger that could result in a disaster. An emergency is a minor event that can cause a few casualties and damage. A disaster is an event that produces greater losses than a community can handle. Applying This Chapter 1) In order to prepare for a terrorist attack I would set up a preparedness plan for different situations that may accrue. In order to create the different possible plan I would analyze the city and take the most plausible terrorist attacks. I would then jointly come up with
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Unformatted text preview: communication and recovery plans with other agencies, jointly going over with exercises. As for residence I would ask them to report any relief they could possibly assist with if any situations were to immerge, and to report information or suspicious behavior. 2.) If I were hired by a town to asses the different hazards I would analyze the town listing all the possible hazards and taking the most possible hazards that could possibly be disasters as well. I would then create readiness and preparedness plans. I would also communicate with the townspeople and local surrounding towns to make evacuation and recovery plans. 3) If I were in that position I would communicate to the town’s people that they should prepare for the worst. Also if the hurricane had the potential to become a disaster I would talk with surrounding towns to try and come up with a evacuation plan in order to get people to a safer area....
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