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Hoar1 ChristopherHoar Mrs. Craghead English Comp. Final Paper 12-12-07 Colleges’ change due to misuse of entertainment When colleges first started here in America they were founded as institutions of higher education here in the United States. They offered extended academics to further a persons desire for education. Some people back then people went to college to try and move up in an almost impossible social ladder. Nowadays college has become twisted, corrupted, and jaded through colleges’ misuse of entertainment. Most people no longer go to college for the same reason as the socialites before them did. Students are now more interested in going to parties, drinking, socializing and obtaining bragging right to those younger and not yet at the college level. This change into a new age of modern college life styles, perspectives, thoughts, outlooks, and ideals, along with a lack of student focus and overall quality of education, can be largely blamed upon colleges misuse of the entertainment industry. . Although colleges and universities can be blamed for a large amount of problems going on, a large portion can also be directly placed on the shoulders of the entertainment industry itself. In the beginning of the article The Undergraduate written by author Erik Hedegaard he mentions entertainment magazines. Hedegaard writes that, “Pop culture
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final paper - Hoar1 ChristopherHoar Mrs. Craghead English...

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